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Name: Brecht
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Ork
Class: Cleric

Description: Brecht, like most orks, is sturdy. He is as broad as he is tall and he is not at risk of being overlooked in a room. With his dark skin, artfully groomed beard and stylish long ears, he is a sight to behold. His bright blue eyes are particularly eye-catching. 
Personality: Brecht takes good care of himself. He likes to dress up and wants to look his best for every occasion. Even if he is just a boring accountant, he wants to give himself an air of success. Brecht is not an outgoing or proud person though. He is quite shy and socially awkward.  
Skills: Arithmetic, accounting, lists.
Enjoys: looking good, balances tallying up correctly
Dislikes: disorder and crowds. 


Brecht laid down his pencil and frowned. Something was amiss. The buff ork took pride in his work and even though he'd checked five times, starting from different points, he couldn't make the numbers work. A large chunk of mined gems was missing. He'd personally weighed the raw ore when it has come in and no-one had been in the building since. 
"How mysterious." Brecht said. 
He had a habit of talking to himself, but he only did it when he was alone. He figured he must have lost a crate of ore somewhere. Brecht got up and dusted his smart jacket and creased pants. Satisfied that he looked sharp, the dark ork went to look for the missing ore in the dark building. 
Little did he know that he would be hunted in return.
Kanacabastosih - Tosih for people who had trouble remembering his name - lurked in the shadows and found the whole ordeal pretty exhilarating. He'd been minding his business in a secluded cave when orks had picked him up and chugged him in a crate. Before he knew it, he'd been hauled away and brought here. 
Tosih could teleport out, but something about this ork had made him wait. Maybe it was the straight posture that seemed to speak of dignity and justice. Or maybe it was the way he spoke to himself when he was busy, making him look rather innocent and a bit out of sorts. Or maybe it was just that Tosih had started to feel that he needed someone to talk to.
Either way, it wouldn't be nice to keep the gentleman ork in the dark for much longer.
"Excuse me." Tosih said with a little cough to draw attention, "I believe someone made a mistake..."
Brecht turned and came eye to eye with a stunning purple beast, encrusted with gems and seeming to glow in the subdued light of the office.
"Beautiful." Brecht said before he could catch the words leaving his mouth.
"Why thank you, you can call me Tosih."

Kanacabastosih bonded at Mirus Fortress

Name: Kanacabastosih
Gender: Male
Colour: Purple
Parents: Mougati x Beaut
Species: Kilamdiry Hybrid
Description: Tosih is a bipedal purple dragon with powerful hind legs, shorter forelegs and two tails. His back and tails are encrusted with gemlike scales. Powerful claws serve as a deterrent to bad intentions. His belly is covered in darker purple scales. He has bright orange eyes.  
Size: 7-9 tall at the shoulder
Personality: Argumentative, Stubborn but Adaptive. These traits together form a headstrong dragon who will fight for what he knows but should things change, he is quick to move on.  
     *Stealth Magic
     *Paralysing Breath


Brecht and Tosih had had to relocate to the outskirts of town as Brecht's apartment had been much too small for the two of them. Luckily Brecht had a lot of savings, because he'd had to settle the lost ore. He could have kept silent but that really wasn't the way he worked. Now with a new home and a dragon, his purse was light but his heart was full. 
"I'll make it up to you." Tosih had promised and Brecht believed him.
Although when he heard what Tosih had planned, Brecht had his doubts.
"You'd save a ton on travelling expenses." Tosih brought to the table, "I take you to different places and we can have fun."
The dragon continued to discuss his point of view until Brecht was half convinced it was a brilliant idea. Deep down the ork knew he would probably not enjoy being around people, especially non-ork people. But Tosih insisted the people in the Nexus weren't discriminating against others. He'd just have to take the leap. Tosih had also mentioned something like a "run" where people apparently had a lot of fun. Maybe it was like a contest but with dragons? 
Tosih nodded, "Something like that." and kept his rider in the dark. 

Lantessama Isle
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