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Name: Avares
Age: Pretty young for a half-demon
Gender: Male
Race: Helf Demon
Class: Traveller, Jack of All Trades

Description: Avares is a young-looking man with dark brown, curly hair, a neat moustache and goatee. True to his demon heritage, he has pointed ears, twisted horns and a long tail. His nose is straight and long, his eyes often have bags under them since he doesn't sleep enough. He keeps in shape by walking, only seldom accepting a ride from passer-bys. 
Personality: Avares is driven to see everything in the universe. Because he is of mixed race, he does not know how much time he has to experience it all and he hardly takes the time to rest. His days are full of working (need those travel funds), exploring (need to see everything) and eating (gourmet travel is a thing)
Skills: Jack of All Trades.
Enjoys: Seeing new things, eating delicious things, dreaming about travelling
Dislikes: Getting delayed. 


Avares cursed and moved away from the shower. He'd only been able to lather up when the water shifted from pleasantly warm to cold. As a half-demon, Avares liked his showers near boiling but he had learned to adapt, especially in places like these where having a shower alone was a blessing. 
Avares had been squatting in an abandoned building. Up until today he'd had light and warm water and surely the light was still on. So what had happened to the water? Did he maybe have to look for another place to stay? Or had someone else taken up residence in the old building? It was possible that two people taking a shower together would cause the lack of hot water. But what were the odds?
Avares had dried and dressed, and was now carefully taking a tour of the premises. He debated calling out but though most people on this planet were friendly he'd heard stories that made him cautious. As he reached the ground floor he started to hear some sounds that seemed to agree with the visitor-theory. Something was dragging, claws or heels were tapping on the floor. Avares felt pretty certain this visitor wasn't human. But neither was he so that didn't tell him much.
Rounding a corner, Avares suddenly stood eye to eye with a green-coppery snout. Golden horns portruded from both sides of the reptilian face. Beyond the face, leathery wingsails, agile clawed limbs and a long tail appeared in the shadowy room.
"Excuse me." the dragon said, "I might have broken something."
Avares looked on and saw the remains of the warm water pipes, a bubbly gooey puddle of what looked to be acid and steam.
"I think you did." Avares acknowledged. 
Though the dragon was clearly powerful, she didn't come across as hostile. In fact she was very polite. 
"Can I make it up to you?" she continued.
"We'll just move, Tinsulath." Avares answered, "It's not like I was planning on staying here."
"It seems we share a passion, Avares." Tinsulath told him.
"Travel." the dragoness answered, "And I know just how I can make it up to you. With me you'll never lose time again!"
"Now that is the best gift I've ever received." Avares agreed.
Something clicked into place and Avares imagined he would be with Tinsulath for a very long time. 

Name: Tinsulath
Colour: Verdigris (between green and bronze), about 37% of Green
Gender: Female
Breed: Ryshathian
Parents: Green-Copper Tasalea and Copper-Green Kelustekth
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Acid breath, Fire Breath

Additional information:
Rank: Verdigris
Description: A new rank mutation. They are known for being easy-going to a fault. They need a strong leader, or their loyalty will change with the wind. They even seem to choose their riders randomly, but their partners are almost always willful and determined people. They tend to be genderfluid more often than other ranks. They are more likely to object to being called by only one of their colors than by the wrong pronouns.
Color: Verdigris dragons are a bicolored rank. Their hides are both metallic copper and chromatic teal in varying amounts. These colors are co-dominant, and neither is base and neither is markings. They are usually not more than 75% one color or the other.
Breed: "RysHathians" are Old World (Pernese) x Hathian hybrids. These ones are 50/50, but the Hathian wing-arm seems to be dominant, at least at Ryslen. They do not Require bonds, but do strongly prefer them. They can also join a Pack or remain Single, though that is the rarest choice.

Avares bonded Verdigris Tinsulath at Ryslen (Giveaway)

Lantessama Isle
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