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Name: Angela
Age: 48
Gender: Female
Race: Human Hybrid
Class: Office Worker

Description: Angela is a dark-skinned woman with curly, dark brown hair that she keeps styled to perfection. She has grey-blue eyes, a large nose and a narrow chin. She has frowned a lot and has the wrinkles to prove it, as well as some bags below her eyes. Though Angela looks a bit tired on the portrait, she never gives a tired impression. People would call her stern.  
Personality: Angela is a woman with a strong will. She knows where she wants to go and what she wants to reach. She sacrifices things for her goal, almost to the point of religious ascetics. But Angela believes one doesn't need to spend much to live royally. She enjoys the simple things in life and very much lives by her own set of rules. Her only passion is travel and she spends her money to move along on her journey. (Yes she's going to love having a teleporting dragon!)
Skills: Endurance, Resource Control (aka Frugal)
Enjoys: Such free pastimes as walking and people-watching. She might get passionate about bargain-hunting.
Dislikes: Wastefulness. 
Pet: -


Angela departed from the spaceport and looked around. Setting foot on a new planet was a thrill on it's own and she savoured the completely free surge of excitement. The sky was tinged slightly green, making the flora look even greener, although there were also bluish and purple patches in the shrubs. The sun shone bright but wasn't unpleasant. There were no clouds but the sky felt moist. Angela wouldn't be deterred by wet weather, but that did mean her hair would require some extra styling. Angela had prepared for that on the trip though so she wasn't worried. 
Finding work in this place would be a challenge but she'd manage. There weren't many things she wouldn't do and she was a hard worker, pleasing most superiors. She'd had a variety of job-experience from manual labour to shopkeeping, service work and even secretarial work. She didn't need much. It didn't matter whether she would work for a short while and then go of to explore or whether she would work less hours for a longer period while visiting sites. 
Before she could venture out into the town below though, she was met with a golden, rainbow-hued dragon with scales, fur and a ridge of horns. Her many wings seemed to sparkle in the green light.
"Excuse me." the dragon spoke, "Might I ask you to scratch between my shoulder blades?"
Angela shrugged and replied: "Certainly."
She had to crawl onto some stairs and lean into the dragon to get to the itchy spot. The dragon was warm to her touch, her fur soft and lush while the scales were hard and smooth. Some of the hairs had curved inwards and Angela could easily spot the offending spot. She started rubbing, the dragon fluttering her wings in pleasure while she let out a low purr.
"Anywhere else?" Angela asked.
"Maybe a bit lower? Oh could I ask you to oil my hide while you're up there?"
"Sure. Having such a big body must be inconvenient." Angela said and went to work.
It took some time, but after a while Wahsa gleamed even more than before. The Linaje dragon was travelling and had had to miss a dedicated human touch for too long. Getting by on random people had been tough. Not just anyone could care for a dragon. The two women had exchanged stories while Angela had been grooming and Wahsa felt that they got along.
"Would you want to care for me? I believe humans generally make up a contract in such cases?"
"I really should be working for money though." Angela said, "I'm world-hopping and those space journeys don't pay for themselves."
Wahsa considered the problem and gave the draconic equivalent of a grin.
"You know, I'm world-hopping too. I wouldn't mind linking up with you and travelling together if that means you would care for me occasionally. A good oiling once a week will get me a long way. I don't have to pay money to travel."
Angela heard those words and was sold on the plan immediately. 

Wahsa Rona'de hatched at Nidus Aven

Name: Wahsa Rona'de
Gender: Female
Parents: Nirivin Rona'de x Ghaniya Ghaniya
Species: Linaje
Fur, Skin or Scale Colour: Gold
Pattern: Rainbow Outward from Body, Silk and None
Eyes: Red
Size: 1.8m shoulder (Medium)
Personality: athletic, nurturing, efficient

     *Psionics (Telepathy, Teleportation)
     *Size Shifting
     *Balance Control
     *Shifting (Unlimited)


Angela looked down from Wahsa's back as they approached yet another new world. Wahsa had to get coordinates to travel to new places but there was always someone from another world that they hadn't seen yet. And if they ran to a dead end, then they could just backtrack and try again. Having a teleporting dragon meant total freedom. Sure Wahsa needed to be fed, but the gold dragon was as efficient as Angela and athletic to boot. They saved so much on travel expenses that the extra food costs didn't register. 
Today though, they were visiting for a specific purpose.
"Is this where you want to rise?" Angela asked Wahsa.
"Yes." Wahsa answered, "I asked around and I think this is the best fit for me."
"I'm curious as to what is going to happen."
"Just the usual. A message is sent out, male dragons sign up and then I rise. I'll need to stay for an extended period afterwards to care for my eggs though." Wahsa added, 'I don't know if you mind staying that long. I would understand if you wanted to make a short trip in between."
"Hardly. I want to take care of those eggs with you. I can't even imagine seeing baby dragons hatch!"

Lantessama Isle
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