the Symbolism of Seven

1. The Seven Elemental Witches
Many cultures have sought to explain the world by the use of basic elements by which everything is created. The four most commonly known are those of air, water, fire and earth, but oftentimes a fifth, called aether or space is added and in the Eastern cultures there is talk of metal and wood as elements. We can only assume that since these tally up to seven, that below is the true list of elements found in the world: 

Aether  --  Air  --  Earth  --  Fire  --  Metal  --  Water  --  Wood


2. The Seven Sins, Virtues and Works of Mercy
Humans are flawed by nature. No matter the good intentions one may have, the seven cardinal sins always manage to pop up when humans interact. To desire that was isn't yours, to destroy that which others hold dear, to feel better than others or just to waste that one has been given. There are plenty of sins to fall victim to:

Vanity/Superbia  --  Envy/Invidia  --  Wrath/Ira  --  Greed/Avaritia  --  Sloth/Accidia  --  Gluttony/Gula  --  Lust/Luxuria

While humans are flawed by nature they do strive to transcend their faults. Over the long history of mankind, humans have identified those traits that help people grow and keep from falling victim to the vices that lurk in the shadows: 

Faith  --  Hope  --  Charity  --  Fortitude  --  Temperance  --  Justice  --  Prudence

To help those seeking enlightenment there are activities that help you grow: 

  1. Feed the hungry
  2. Give drink to the thirsty
  3. Welcome the stranger
  4. Clothe the naked
  5. Visit the sick
  6. Visit the prisoner
  7. Bury the dead.

Corporal: Chef  --  Bartender  --  Bouncer  --  Tailor  --  Nurse/Doctor  --  Jailor  --  Gravekeeper

  1. To teach the ignorant
  2. To counsel the needy
  3. To chastise the sinful
  4. To comfort the sorrowful
  5. To forgive enemies
  6. To suffer tribulation
  7. To pray for all fervently

Spiritual: Teacher  --  Social Worker  --  Judge  --  Grief Councelor  --  Diplomat  --  Martyr  -- Priest


3. The Seven Cities of Gold
Rumours, Legends and whispered hints are spread about 7 lost cities of gold. Supposedly they're all located somewhere in the South-American territory. Hidden in the jungle, the desert or maybe even in just plain sight. Many expeditions have tried to find them. Care to join one? Look for precious ore in the cavernous mines below Cibola, or search for El Dorado, the city (or was that the man) covered in gold dust. Venture deep into the mountains to look for the reclusive city of Paititi which hides many riches, Travel to the valleys where the magical city Elelin is said to appear and vanish at random or dive down below the waters of lake Parime to see whether gold is to be found in it's depths. Sail the seas in hopes to find the misty island of Antilia where monks once hid their relics or traverse the land to look for the agricultural but rich community of Quivira. 

Cibola  --  El Dorado  --  Paititi  --  Elelin  --  Parime  --  Antilia  --  Quivira


4. The Seven Nymphs (Pleiades - Hesperides - Hyades)
In ancient mythology the number seven featured heavily as a way to classify nymphs. Though seven is an arbitrary number as the amount of nymphs in certain groups varies from 3 tot 50. 

Morning Nymphs: Maia  --  Electra  --  Taygete  --  Alcyone  --  Celaeno  --  Eurypylus  --  Sterope  -- Merope
Ritual Dancing: Maia  --  Coccymo  --  Glaucia  --  Protis  --  Parthenia  --  Stonychia  --  Lampado

Evening Nymphs: Aegle  --  Erythia  --  Hesperia  --  Arethusa  --  Hestia  --  Medusa   -- Thetis
Evening Nymphs: Aiopis  --  Antheia  --  Calypso  --  Donakis  --  Mermesa  --  Nelisa  --  Tara

Nymphs of Rain: Phaisyle  --  Coronis  --  Cleeia  --  Phaeo  --  Eudora  --  Ambrosia  --  Polyxo


5. The Seven Gods
Seven is also a number by which one can group gods: 

Virgin Godesses: Brameshwari  --  Kaumari  --  Vaaraahi  --  Vaishnavi  --  Chaamundi  --  Maheshwari  --  Indrani
Lucky Gods: Ebisu  --  Daikokuten  --  Bishamonten  --  Benzaiten  --  Jurojin  --  Hotei  --  Fukurokuju  --  Kichijoten


6. The Seven of Alchemy
Before science, people sought to explain the world through magic and philosophy. That resulted in the theory of alchemy that based itself on the presence of the 7 heavenly bodies, the existence of the seven metals of antiquity and the seven elements they used to experiment. Follow the story of seven alchemists as they work with their element of choice and try to find the philosopher's stone, the elixir of life or the panacaea. 

Metals of Antiquity/Classical Planets: 
Silver/Moon (Chandra)  --  Mercury (Budha)  --  Copper/Venus (Shukra)  --  Gold/Sun (Surya)  --  Iron/Mars (Mangala)  --  Tin/Jupiter (Brihaspati) --  Lead/Saturn (Shani)
Elements of Alchemy: Air  --  Earth  --  Fire  --  Water  --  Sulphur (soul)  --  Mercury (spirit)  --  Salt (body)


7. The Seven Chakra

Sahasrara  --  Ajna  --  Vishuddha  --  Anahata  --  Manipura  --  Svadhishthana  --  Muladhara


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