Name: Citrobacter
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Musical Magician

Appearance: Citrobacter has a light complexion, with blonde hair and green eyes. He has a wirey build with long legs and arms, making him seem somewhat clumsy.
Personality: Citrobacter enjoys creating with wool, he convinced his fiancee to care for the Chentuu he acquired with him and in turn he promised to go climbing with her. She doesn't know yet that they'll be taking these mountain-cattle with them but he'll let her know, eventually. Citrobacter is generally a quiet man with a generous nature and an inability to say no. 
Family: Engaged to Morganella. Younger brother and sister. 
Hobbies: Knitting, crocheting, sewing, spinning, weaving. 
Skills: Citrobacter has powers of Rhythm, he can time intervals like a clock and seems to sometimes even be able to slow or speed up time to suit his rhythms and can converge the others' magic to ensure optimal result.

Pets: Fluff (f), Chentuu from shadhavar/rakael/rachel (site upcoming)


The Hatching
Spring sunlight warmed the sands that lay nestled in between the three Lantessama mountains. The 5 Gem dragonesses had shared the sands amicably, each surrounded by her own eggs while the two male Gem dragons fluttered about, guarding the eggs from unwanted attention. Friendly visitors however had been allowed and even encouraged to come closer to the eggs as the dragonesses whispered among themselves about which candidates might be liked by which growing dragon foetus. The finders had ventured out, messages had been sent throughout the nexus and a varied group of candidates had found their way to Lantessama to try out for the small, winged snake dragons. There were humans of course, but also dragons, furry humanoids and magical beings. Some had already bonded before and were accompanied by their dragons while others were just starting out on the journey that was dragon-rearing.
The sun had just reached it's zenith, it's warm light shining down directly on the sands when the Gem dragons starting the telltale hum of imminent hatchings. The sound was picked up by dragons all over the island and not a soul was left to wonder about the event that was about to happen. Candidates rushed to the sands and spectators drew closer, joining the happy ambiance of the celebration. The first festival to occur in more than a decade was certainly a good omen for the years to come. 
Three eggs from two different clutches hatched in rapid succession and the hatchlings looked at each other to determine which one would go first. After a short mental discussion one of them moved toward the candidates. It seemed to be wild and unrestrained as it prowled toward Citrobacter, the quiet and very restrained musical magician that enjoyed knitting and all things yarn. As the dragonet neared the man of it's choice, it lunged and playfully swatted at the piece of yarn that hung loose from it's bond's pocket.
"I can't resist your yarn." it purred. 


After their dragons had matured, the 8 musical magicians had returned to their homeworld to continue their work. Eager to use the powers of the 12 gem dragons in their upcoming show, both humans and winged snakes were planning how they could work together best. 
"It's quite obvious what Layra should do." Klebsiella said, "She just has to use her singing power to add an extra dimension to our songs. I believe she can even sing in a key humans can't hear but will still register."
"And she would be even greater if we paired her up with My Ruby Boday." Proteus commented.
"Are we matchmaking now?" Aranicola grinned."
"Well, you have to admit that their powers are well-matched in some combinations." Sodalis mused, "It's like they knew how they could be useful to us."
"That is in our nature." Layra commented, "And I really like Budau."
"I like you as well." Budau answered, "I shall carry your tune and make it as beautiful as it can be."
Klebsiella also noticed that her other Gem dragon, Argenzo was often found around her husband's Moonstone gem dragon Jirreen. Both had powers that had to do with ligth. So having them work on light effects was just a natural evolution.
"I shall bring the intuitive powers of the moonlight down to the audience." Jirreen said.
"And I shall reflect it into their hearts." Argenzo added. 
Sodalis looked at his own little Peridot Green winged snake Cagas and said: "I know he likes your little Carnelian Garibadya, Aranicola. And their powers of blooming and fireworks does mix beautifully. But you have two dragons. How will that work?"
"It matters not." said Cagas, "We can work together the three of us."
"I like them both." Garibadya added, "But the love is different. Like a spark of friendship and a fireworks of passion."
As Aranicola was putting ribbons into her Mica dragon Hattaun's horns, she mentioned: 
"I think Hattaun would actually pair up really well with Arsenophonus' Mihebe. She can augment his talent of beautifying and think of how easy it would be to mix our songs with those two!"
Arsenophonus' Topaz Mihebe, snuggled closer to Aranicola and crooned as she got a little ribbon tied to her horns as well.
"It is a beautiful power to augment." the Topaz dragoness sighed.
"And I could ask for none better to help me." Hattaun said, "We'll make an experience no-one will forget."
Erwinia frowned and said: "But what about Vazyri and Zornix? They're about as opposite as can be."
And indeed Arsenophonus' male black coal dragon and her own bright blue aquamarine serpent had contrasting powers of fire and water. But she had to admit that they spent a lot of time in each other's company.
"We do have a joint talent, Erwinia." Vaztyri said.
"When I set fire to her bubbles we make..." Zornix waited for dramatic pause. 
"Steam." Arsenophonus grinned. 
And what about our dragons?" Morganella asked her husband Citrobacter. Her own dark blue dragoness, Corine, could control electrical currents and lightning. His brown tiger's eye Konkisu could command animals. And while her dragoness was suave and constrained, his was wild and unrestrained.
"Don't worry, Morganella." Corine said, "I'm quite happy to stay in the shadows and help with the lighting and electrics. Now you can perform wherver you want, even without a decent power supply."
"And in those forests, caves and other natural dwellings I can work my magic." Konkisu added with eager eyes.

Tiger's Eye Konkisu (m)
command animals

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