Xaren & Inedariath

Name: Xaren Li'Siboritiax
Gender: Male
Height: 22' at shoulder
Color: Bloody Cemetery
Abilities: Telepathy, Poison Sting, Stamina, Teleportation, Cloaking, Verbal Speech
Personality: would rather act than talk or think, non-materialistic, never surrenders, loves solving mysteries
Bond: Inedariath Spidermoon
Parents: Tiax & Sibori
Place of Hatching: The Refugium

Name: Inedariath Spidermoon
Gender: Male
Height: 9' at shoulder
Color: Bloody Cemetary
Abilities: Bioluminescence, Verbal Speech, Wall Climb, Create Lightning Spiders, Poison Bite, Poison Sting, Telepathy, Teleportation
Personality: empathetic toward others, self-confident, crude sense of humor, often misquotes things
Bond: Xaren Li'Siboritiax
Parents: Eukith & Glittermoon
Place of Hatching: The Refugium

Note: The pumpkins and vines are a physical part of the Eukith/Glittermoon babies. Narcotic magic strands can be spooled off the vines or out of the pumpkin's eyes/mouth. Narcotics produced by these dragons tend to increase fear and paranoia in the user.


Lantessama Isle  -  The Refugium
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