Tysterin stretched and yawned. Then he turned on his other side and pulled the covers back over his head. A sudden quaking made him shout in surprise. Fearing an earthquake was wreaking havoc in his new home, he jumped up.
"Time to get out of bed." Avagin rumbled.
Tysterin never had the energy to get angry. Instead he just felt relieved that he wouldn't need to make a mad dash to evacuate. So he laughed while his dragon rolled his eyes.
"We'll be late!"
"No we won't." Tysterin interjected.
"You can't be timin it every time we enter a flight. one day we'll get caught."
"Who would catch me in the act? I'm always sleeping." Tysterin grinned.
Avagin sighed and resigned him to yet another trip though time.


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