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Name: Itsutsu
Gender: Male?
Age: ?
Species: Troll

Appearance: Itsutsu is a large stone troll. His hide is a cracked grey that's rough to the touch. Like most trolls he turns to stone during the day and can only move at night. He has a short nose, a heavyset brow and a pronounced chin. He has a matted mob of hair, reaching down to the small of his back. His tail is rather short for a troll, with a small patch of hair at the end. 
Personality: Itsutsu is a troll. As such he has little compassion for humans. They are either nuissance or sustenance. Like most trolls he leads a solitary existence. He's not very good company (but who would complain anyway?) and can be quite violent and volatile. Basically Itsutsu only cares about himself and will make sure he stays on top of the food chain. 
Skills: Trapping, running and fighting (brute strength) - also camouflage during the day. 


Itsutsu roared in frustration. He had lost scent of the humans and not even the warrior woman was with him anymore. The cavern around him seemed large, he could feel the weight of the stone pressing down on him. He was pretty certain he was underground. Not knowing where to go and without an immediate foodsource, Itsutsu knew he was in trouble. 
But staying put wouldn't help him so move he did. After only a short span of time, he heard movement. Grinning, he rounded the corner, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting prey when in stead the prey was upon him. A large creature, scaled, horned and fanged loomed over him, not something he was used to.
"Are you here for the hatching?" A voice asked.
"Mind speak seems to be the way to go." The beast rumbled, conveying the meaning right into itsutsu's mind.
"What is this hatching?" Itsutsu thought.
"More of my kind enter the world and we seek companions or caretakers. But be wary, we don't play nice."
"Neither do I."
Itsutsu grinned.

Itsutsu is waiting to impress at Koshi Keidai's Winter Dark Heart Frenzy



(Itsutsu will stay at Koshi Keidai, I think he'll fit in nicely. He's quite intelligent and though his vocal chords don't do well with human language, he'd be able to speak through mindspeak and over time will be able to have simple conversations should that be required.)



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