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1)Muriel: Half-Angel. Female, 300 years. Named after archangel grandmother.
Appearance: chubby angel, brown hair, white-blue robes, blue eyes.
2)Marakech: Human, Female, 18 years. Lady of the desert cities.
Appearance: slender and naive, long blond hair, blue eyes, purple or black dresses
3)Enthalen: Half Deomn, Male, 70 years. Rogue Bandit.
Appearance: rogue, hairy chest, black hair, dark skin, leather clothes
4)???: Human, Male, 20 years, Nomad Knight
Appearance: tall, brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, nomad clothes

Long Since...


Long since forgotten
The story of a knight
His deeds of valiant bravery
Long since lost in the night
Long since turned to dust
His body and his love
For the girl that kept him waiting
Is long since dwelling above
Long since the crime
that separated the lovers two
Long since...

But only mortal minds were wiped
The story of this lovers two
Is engraved in my memory lasting
Until Oblivion comes for me too.
Muriel they called me
When I dwelled the earth
Muriel it is here in the sky
Where the angels give birth.
But no angel am I
Im made of lesser flesh
I was send tward down low
to help my lady Marakech

A maiden fair and proud
With hair as the golden sun
Eyes as blue as sapphires
And a dress of purple silk spun
18 summers young she was
In the prime of her life
When darkness covered the blue
Of her sapphire eye.
For dark Enthalen was,
A bandit of the dry lands
Handsome as the devil
As darkness always tends
To be when it involves guys
Long dark hair in a pony tail
And dark brown eyes
Eyes that could burn cold
If he wanted too.




Keltic Spirit Glenn

Backgrounds compiled with images found on Google
Font is called Caliph and can be found here