Name: Lokren
Gender: male
Age: 19 (15 at impression)
Description: Normal, dark blond hair, blue eyes. Wouldn't stand out in a crowd.
Thoughts: Thinks he is rebellious and hiding it, but in fact is a nice guy right in the middle of puberty.
Intelligence: Above Average
Family: parents: Lilia and Pokren, brothers Merid and Grim


Lokren was surprised when he got chosen to attend the fishing trip, he hadn't come from a Sea hold, nor had he any experience of being on a ship. Apparently that was what the crafmasters wanted. They needed young people that hadn't been apprenticed yet to start up a new craft hall. Most of them had applied, he was forced. He didn't like to be forced.
Lokren was a normal boy, he didn't stand out in a crowd. He had dark blond hair and blue eyes. There was nothing fancy about his face. Everything about his appearance was normal. But the thoughts in his mind weren't. They were full of rebellion against his parents. Something he kept well hidden from the world. He had seen what had happened to his not so intelligent brothers, they were put on the messiest jobs and scolded often. He on the other hand had behaved and was praised for his temperament. If only they'd known.
Lokren was busy carving wood when he tried to get out of the sailing trip, but he realised he just couldn't get out of it, he'd have to go. He sighed and cursed. He hoped he didn't have seasickness at least.
When he had finished his chores he was given free time to pack for the trip. they would sail out tomorrow. Guided by a craftmaster they would be taught the basics of sailing and fishing, while journeymen of the craft were on board to assist should bad weather arise. If everything would go according to plan and there were enough fish, a seahold would be built and they would be thought how to fish. He hoped something would go wrong. Lokren didn't want to fish, he didn't know what else he might want then, but fishing wasn't it.

"Everyone on board! No need to doubt anything now! The weather is good and the tide is high!" Crafmaster Findor shouted. He gestured widely to everyone to come aboard. Findor was a slender man, long and tanned with a wrinkling skin from the long hours of sailing and salt water. Lokren looked long and thoughtfully at the man and saw he knew what he was doing. Of course he had made craftmaster.
They sailed off and Lokren couldn't help but get caught up in the excitement of the day. Everyone was enjoying the sailing and the sea was flat like a mirror and transparent, showing of the fish and plants below the surface. Dolphins jumped gracefully out of the water and seemed to float in the air before they dove back down. They leaped in the waves, while the water reflected on their bodies. Everything was peaceful on the sea. Maybe becoming a seaholder wasn't that bad. He thought. He smiled at the thought. A lovely girl came up to him and said:
"Glad to see you enjoy the dolphins. I've played with them and they are real show-offs!"
He looked at her and noticed she was pretty, with long blond hair and green eyes.
"Yeah, you can watch them for hours" But not as long as I could watch you, he thought.
"I'm Lokren, what's your name?"
'Celi, I have seen you in the hold."
"Nothing they have told you about me is true."
he quickly said, knowing his brothers always badmouthed him behind his back.
"Oh, so you're not a devious super villain with plans to take over the world?" She asked, "Too bad, I like that in a man." She smiled.
He took the time to study her beautiful smile and wonder if this was something his brothers had set up or if she was generally flirting with him. He decided even his brothers couldn't have thought up this humiliation. He smiled back and said:
"I could tell you my plans to take over Pern, but then I'd have to..." he stopped and winked at her.
"Kill me?"
"Shards no! Kiss you of course."
he laughed out loud and then kissed her.

The day went by and enough fish were caught to return home with a good report. The sea could certainly sustain a seahold. While the day passed, Lokren felt a change coming on. He knew that after this day everything would be different. He had come to terms with himself. In one day solving most of the issues he had fought for years. he was facing a new life.
He didn't quite understand the power of that omen until he got home and he saw a blue dragon swimming in the sea, the sun setting behind it.
"Odd" Celi said, "Dragons don't usually come to bathe here, must be a messenger or something"
"Yeah, let's get to the hold to find out what's wrong."

They hurried off the boat and ran to the hold. Lokren spotted his parents near a man in riding gear. Well it must be riding gear, no-one would come out in the summer wearing leather. He advanced and heard some of the conversation as he got closer
"A clutch in the weyr is marvellous, and it's an honour to have candidates standing."
"We've had a lot of hatchings lately, it's good sign to know that every candidate has impressed and every dragon has found a match. But now we need a lot more candidates for the upcoming clutches."

At that point he reached them and greeted the dragonrider. The dragonrider smiled back and said his dragon would search now that everyone was back. The dragonroder's eyes gazed in the distance for a minute and the dragon flew over the hold, landing delicately on a square field. It looked around the crowd and started to sniffle and look closely at the young people of the hold. Lokren and Celi were standing close to each other, almost holding hands when the dragon stopped and looked at Lokren. A soft sigh made clear to his rider lokren was a likely candidate. From his hold no other appealed to the dragon. He would be the only one of his hold to stand on the sands. For a minute that made him nervous, but that feeling vanished when Celi took his hand and said:
"So, how will you take over Pern when you are in weyrlingtraining?"
He smiled at her and said
"The only bad thing is I have to leave you now, without knowing if we could do it together."
"Ahh, but Lokren, don't you know, Ryslen isn't that far, I can visit."
She smiled mysteriously and said, "Who knows what we might accomplish?'


Lokren watched as the eggs started cracking. He'd had to wait quite a while for these eggs to hatch. He had attended quite a few hatchings, but he had a good feeling about this one. Well, he had had good feelings about some other hatchings too, but his hopes had never come true. His hopes about Celi however... Lokren smiled as he looked back on their relationship for the past one and a half year. Pern still wasn't safe for them. Not when both of them would have dragons. Lokren grinned.
His attention was soon caught by the first hatchling though. A gold-white, nothing for him. No, he needed a special kind of dragon. A dragon willing to see all of Pern and more. A dragon with a soft spot for travelling, not a gold or bronze bound to a Weyr.
Two more eggs cracked, a blue and green who quickly found their rider. Then another three eggs cracked and more duotoned dragons found their way into the world. The first of them, a small blue with a brown stripe running from head to front suddenly started gliding towards him. The dragon was graceful and thoughts of sea and boats entered Lokren's mind. The hatchlings arrival had more of the closing of clouds on a summer day: Smooth.
"Try that on board and you'd probably fall off the ship," Lokren said, suppressing a grin.
"Really? Well I thought it was neat," said the hatchling in somewhat of an annoyed tone. "Oh well, I guess that I have time to work on it. Lokren, my name is Gwyveth!"





Lokren watched as the young girl below him started to run. He knew Celi'd be happy to see him return. And now if only he could swiftly kidnap her to the nearest Weyr, then she could impress and they'd be set for life.
"That is if her dragon likes me". Gwyveth snorted.
"Oh, she will". Lokren believed.
"In fact maybe we shouldn't stay on Pern at all. I've heared some rumours about a place that exists somewhere in between. Lantessama Isle, it's called".
"Works for me" Gwyveth snorted as he touched down. 





3 more years had passed and both Gwyveth and Huavith had reached adulthood. They got along great, as expected by their riders, and had agreed to a closed mating flight at Lantessama.


Lokren is weyrmated to Celi
Lantessama Isle