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NAME: Wasabi
GENDER: Female
AGE: 26

LOOKS: Wasabi is muscled with dark tanned skin, curly brown hair and feathery wings that are mostly green with yellow and purple highlights. She has two small horns above her eyebrows, a flat nose and generous lips. Her pupils are very dark purple and her sclera are black. 
PERSONALITY: Wasabi is as spicy as her name. She starts of warm and pleasant but the spice kicks in soon and then she's a very overpowering flavour. As a musician she is used to playing lead melody, when assigned other parts in a group she usually starts improvising to steal the show... and she is so good at it that most people (aside from the other musicians) won't know. 
SKILLS: Music, Improvising.
LIKES: Meat, Oranges and Chocolate
DISLIKES: Cabbage, Coffee and String Beans.

FAMILY: Wasabi was born a part of a harpy tribe where the chicks were raised communally. As such she doesn't know which of the older woman is her birth mother. The harpy she feels closest to is the one who taught her to play the flute. 
PETS: --
BOND: Poison Ekraymos'czan (m) from Arx Atra Mons


The Arena
Wasabi was escorted to the Arena. She'd been playing music but the hydra that had come for her had not wanted to wait gor her to finish. Still clutching her flute, Wasabi hovered above the arena. She'd resisted somewhat and they'd been late. But Wasabi didn't feel sorry. Why should she when hardly any beasts had bonded? Maimed beasts and humans littered the sands. Several high-ranking beasts had hatched and had caused a carnage. 
Wasabi grinned. Those beasts were leaders, not followers. What melodies would they male with her? Would they grate on the ears or would they harmonise? The thrill of the challenge made her speed down. She looked at the different colours and made up her mind to dive for the purple one. His two heads, three tails and two sets of wings moved in an elegant fashion and Wasabi knew they would match up well.
Wasabi pulled out her flute and played an air for the poison male beast. And it worked, the purple hydra looked up and hummed a deep base to her melody, followed by a mighty roar.
"Ekraymos." he called out his name.

NAME: Ekraymos'czan
COLOUR: Poison
RANK: 25 (Majestic)
SIZE: 49 feet (39-55 feet)
DESCRIPTION: 2 heads, 4 limbs, 3 tails, 4 wings. 
PERSONALITY: Elegnat and graceful, Ekraymus is quick on his feet and in the air. Hovering, impossible loops and turns, he'll do it all. He has a love for music, only enhanced by his bond's love for it. 
     - Telepathy
     - Teleportation
     - Fire Breath
     - Venomous Bite
     - Poison Stinger


Ekraymos boomed to Wasabi's flute melody. They matched so well, but alas they were limited in their possibilities. Duets did not give a lot of options to arrange the parts. But lately a thought had been growing in his mind, what if he mated and some of his offspring would bond to Wasabi? Then they could play trio's, quartets and maybe even quintets. 
"I like your thoughts." Wasabi agreed, "Although maybe we can also recruit some of the other humans and their beasts."
"None would mix as well as those I would sire." Ekraymos stated.
"That's likely true." Wasabi agreed, "But why stop at quintets when we could make an orchestra. The supporting parts don't need to be as good as the lead players. It's worth considering."
Ekraymos nodded, "I'll go look for musical-minded beasts if you go look for musicians."
"It's a deal."


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