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Name: Hokulani
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Species: ???
Class: Bard

Looks: Hokulani is somewhat of an enigma, she looks human enough until you notice her tail. She is used to hiding it away from home though so most people won't notice the peculiar appendage. She can move it and it's quite dexterous. Hokulani has long red-brown hair, brown eyes and a tanned skin. She enjoys the finer things in life and is not that fond of exercise so she is on the heavier side. 
Personality: Hokulani's name means 'heavenly star' and that is how she came to the people on the island. One night she just seemed to drop down. Though an unusual baby, the people of the Islands viewed her as a gift and raised her. She grew up to show a talent for music and has developed it. There is little else that carries her interest. Sometimes she dreams of the stars and distant planets but those dreams fade quickly during the day. Sometimes she wonders about her origins, but she usually disregards those thoughts.
Likes: Music
Dislikes: Dwelling on the past
Powers: unknown to her but Hokulani can dreamwalk to other places, the power is tied to her heritage and her musical mind (mathematics!)
Pets: --

Hokulani was dreaming. It was one of those odd dreams she sometimes had where she could see, hear and taste her surroundings but appeared to be just a spectator. Others in her dream just went about their business and ignored her presence completely. She sometimes wondered if her dreams were a manifestation of a subconscious fear about not belonging. She had been adopted and was clearly not like the other people at home but she did feel certain she would always have a home there so the explanation of her dreams that way made little sense. But it was all she'd been able to come up with. 
As she usually did, Hokulani sat down and took out her pipe. The reed instrument always accompanied her and she felt safe and powerful as she touched it. Playing always soothed her thoughts in these dreams and somehow the sounds of her playing seemed to influence the people around her as well. Making them happy if she played a reel or jig or calm if she breathed a slow air. 
After a while, Hokulani felt calmed enough to take a look around. Her dreams always seemed to allow her a couple of hours of visit time while other people told her their dreams seemed fleeting. As if they'd only had a few memories of an entire night, if at all. Looking around she recognised some of the buildings and felt that she probably had been here before. 
Walking on, she seemed to be drawn by a place near the sea. Lots of people were going there so maybe her dream self was curious as to what was happening. Almost floating and slipping past the rows of people, Hokulani reached the shore. Eggs were visible and from them came small sea serpents. The people seemed to be excited and happy so the creatures didn't seem dangerous. 
"We're draguo." one of them told her.
"You can see me?" Hokulani asked, surprised.
"Well you aren't here exactly, but your presence is."
The cream and pink female Draguo seemed playful and excited and had no qualms about invading her mind.
"Ah!" it said, "Capricciaqua"
"What?" Hokulani asked about the strange term.
"My name. It fits beautifully. I can't wait to hear you play but I fear we must wait until you wake up before I can come to you."

Name: Capricciaqua
Gender: Female
Species: Draguo
Origin: Dragon Pact
Description: A long and slender serpentine dragoness in cream with pink belly, tail and ear fins. She has a single large horn on her forehead and a bright blue jewel just below it. Her large blue eyes stand out against the rest of her coloration. 
Size: 20 to 30ft
Personality: Capri's name is a joining of water (aqua) and music (capriccioso) meaning something like 'fanciful water', as her name suggests, Capri is a playful dragon who is as mercurial as the currents. She enjoys the music her bond introduced her to but also the quiet of the deep sea beds. 
     * Wingless Flight 
     * Telepathy - Words, Images and Emotions 
     * Breathweapon - Jet of Water 
     * Weather Control - Local area only 
     * Water Exchange - Can breathe in air and under water.

Capricciaqua danced in the surf as her bond played her pipe. The tune was lively and fun and carried feelings of hope and wonder. Capricciaqua felt like it wouldn't be long before these feelings would explode into one marvellous experience. She had felt the stirrings of a need growing over the past weeks. 
She had been effectively cut off from her fellow draguo as she'd arrived on Khylar through the dreamwalking of her bond. She had no way of returning to her home. But the single sea - more of a lake really - opened up into massive subterranean water tunnels and caverns and Capri had learned soon that the waters weren't just hers. Water elves and strange aquatic plant dragons lived below the surface, unknown to most on Khylar. 
Capri hadn't yet talked to her bond about her friends but she wouldn't be able to keep her secrets much longer. 
Maybe later today she would take Hokulani to her friends, and maybe they could have some fun together in the labyrinth of tunnels that seemed to stretch endlessly across the planet. A game of hide and seek or tag seemed to be very appealing right about now... 

Lantessama Isle
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