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Name: Haukea
Gender: Female
Age: 51

Looks: Haukea is a fair-skinned elf with dainty pointed ears, delicate bone structure and brown eyes. Her long maroon-coloured hair is usually tied back into a long ponytail so it doesn't bother her movements while working and training. Haukea likes wearing white clothes with a few bright-coloured embellishments. 
Personality: Haukea's name means "snow white" and she wears that image with pride. From her white clothes down to her clean lifestyle and somewhat boring daily routine. Haukea doesn't allow herself to strike out big. She'll enjoy the occasional indulgence but large emotional gestures/breakdowns are something she just can't wrap her mind around. Some would call her uptight or stick-in-the-mud. Others keep it at traditional and dedicated. Haukea minds those words a bit but attaining zen and doing a lot of meditation and martial arts training has that side-effect so she accepts the way other people are viewing her. 
Likes: Honing her skills, meditating
Dislikes: Emotional outbursts
Short Bio: Haukea grew up in a small island village and was entrusted to the local temple early on in life. No-one has ever bothered to tell her who her parents were. Haukea vaguely remembers a poor household with too many children to feed and a promise of a better life at the temple. As far as she's concerned, Haukea believes that promise has been kept. Though the training is rigorous, she wants for nothing and is quite content. 
Pets: --

Quiriday Filidechiroptidae-Ventul, who usualy referred to himself as "Qui Filiven", touched down on the sandy beach and felt instantly at home. That was a strange sensation as he'd been born in a lab, crafted by scientists from donated DNA. Logically he should feel right at home in a clean and sterile environment but his heart told him otherwise. And Qui had learned to listen to the hearts of others so why should he ignore his own? 
He honestly didn't know how it had come to be that he so easily could listen to the hidden needs of others but it probably had to do with his unusual ancestry. His family tree was full of magic, psionic powers and the more regular draconic abilities that people had come to expect. Nobody rambled about him teleporting or talking, but having him transform into a human or any of the half-forms he could take had people singing his praises. Aside from having a form he could conveniently adjust to whatever place he visited, Qui could also heal minor injuries and perform a host of practical magic tricks that though useful, weren't all that awe-inspiring. 
Not wanting to scare the locals, Quiriday shifted down to a smaller shape, humanoid but retaining his wings - they were beautiful after all and would help him escape peril if needed, draconic face, long ears and feathery hair. His feet and hands had become softer though and he relished the feeling of sand between his toes that was just a whole different feeling than sand between his talons. 
He didn't have to wait long to meet the local populace because someone had seen him land. Qui didn't mind, he hadn't intended to stay hidden. It was hard to help people when you also wanted to stay hidden. If people started depending on him too much, he could just teleport away. Because though helping people become happy was his goal, taking on all the work wasn't helping. He'd learned that early on and had since come to notice the telltale signs that his presence was becoming dangerous. 
Qui turned and came face to face with a young-looking woman with red hair, dressed in white and carrying a curved sword. His heart skipped a beat as her desire reached him. It was faint and well-restrained, but it was certainly there, feebly pleading to be heard.
"I'm sad and alone." it sobbed, "I want to laugh loudly, to cry rivers, to shout and rage."
Without meaning to, Qui's heart responded and formed the bond that had never been his own desire before.
The young woman, though now that they were bonded, Qui knew that she wasn't exactly young, just long-lived, blinked and looked a bit puzzled.
"What just happened?" Haukea asked.
She smiled and a laugh escaped her, which she hastily pushed down again. It wasn't like her to show her emotions so readily but something about the strange visitor had her feeling like she could share everything with him. She'd never known the feeling of family beyond being part of the temple. But this was something else. Something closer and infinitely more scary. 
Haukea though wasn't someone who trembled in the face of fear. She stood her ground and asked:
"Who are you?"
"You know who I am, Haukea." the dragon answered, "I am yours."

Name: Quiriday Filidechiroptidae-Ventul ("Qui Filiven")
Gender: Male
Colour: Yellow- Copper Green - Aqua Blue
Personality: Quiriday is as relaxed as they come. He has a deep understanding of others' personalities, wishes and needs and feels it is his duty to brighten the lives of those around him, even if they don't like him. He can come across as a nosy busybody but he does everything with the best of interest of others in mind so it's hard to stay mad at his meddling. He has an innocent, do-gooder air about him and he knows when to use his puppy-dog eyes.  
Parents: Oplintas Filidechiroptidae x Zaira Ventul
Adult height: 13'-14'
*Verbal Speech: The ability to communicate in spoken words.
*Psionics: The ability to wield mental powers such as telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis. 
*Functional Magic: A wide-ranging ability to wield magic to just about any practical purpose. Though innate, practice is necessary.
*Healing Magic: The ability to use magic to heal physical injuries. 
*Shapeshifting: (Human-Dragon Spectrum), The ability to shapeshift anywhere on a spectrum between their natural shape and a human form that tends to retain the coloration of their natural draconic form. 

Haukea waited for Quiriday to return in his human form. His skin was still tinged yellow and his brown hair had green points, but for all considerate purposes, people would believe he was human. Haukea wore her hair loosely tied so it would cover her ears. Unless someone conducted a thorough inspection, they would pass by unnoticed. 
Though they still lived mostly on the Khylarian islands, every now and then Qui proclaimed that he wanted to go help people. The temple leaders had listened to his testimony and had agreed that he was both a blessing and a curse. People on the island were generally happy and wanted of little. So Quiriday was prompted to help with just his strength and intellect. But now and then, the magic in him stirred and needed to be exercised or he would lose his abilities all together, like a muscle that atrophied when left unused. 
Which brought them to wondrous places, like where they were now. A place without magic, with hardly any religion and with far too much pollution and hardship. Qui had told her he'd visited before and that he would likely return here often to light the hearts of those who suffered. Haukea had promised to try to help, but there was little she could do since she had no magic. 
"Thanks for waiting." Qui said when he came back.
"No problem." Haukea replied, "Are you ready?"
"As far as I'll ever be ready here. It's time for me to go."
"What are you hiding?" Haukea asked as she'd started to recognise his moods.
Qui chuckled: "I asked for a vacation and we were allowed a few weeks to do whatever we want."
"You shouldn't have." Haukea said, her mind already at the work she'd left behind to do after they'd return.
"Don't worry, it will get done." Qui interrupted her, "Time to do what you really want."
"And what do I really want?" Haukea asked.
"You want some adventure, a bit of a thrill and a whole lot of fun." Quiriday answered: "I'll have you laughing, crying and raging soon enough. After which you can go back to rigorous training and selfless sacrifice."
"I think you're the one who's into selfless sacrifices." Haukea sighed. 
"Just a little." Qui admitted.
"So where are we going?"
"Close your eyes."
Haukea obliged and felt the chill of the teleportation. 

Lantessama Isle
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