-Lonely Sticky Weed

The lonely sea-blue sticky weed sat on Cyanís work bench. She was the only plant there at the moment, as Cyan was in the process of moving most of the unbonded plants to the outside garden for the summer. But she was too small to be put outside yet.
Gudrun sighed and looked outside sadly. The world seemed so wonderful from her little perch, sunfilled blue skies and bright green spring grass that seemed to call her. But for now, the little sticky weed was confined to her pot filled with fertile dark earth.
"How are you today?" Cyan asked as she entered the greenhouse.
"Lonely!" the sticky weed called out.
"Aww, poor little Gudrun." Cyan said, patting the plants head, "You know I would put you in the garden, but youíre so small. What if someone tramples you?"
"You can watch me." Gudrun tried.
"Aww, sweetie, I would, but the Run needs a lot of my attention. You know Evilness, I just canít leave him alone on his quest for evil candidates for his spawn." Cyan giggled, "As if that pink hunk of love would produce anything evil."
"Canít you take me with you?" Gudrun finally tried.
"Wouldnít you rather stay here on your perch?"
"Itís so lonely here. Iím boredÖ"
"I guess, Girth might be willing to babysitÖ" Cyan pondered.
"She sounds like a nice dragon."
"She is."
"Why are we still here?" Gudrun asked.
Cyan shook her head smiling and picked up the impatient baby plant dragon. Zaranyth would have a field day with this little female, and with over a dozen broody females on the beach dunes Gudrun would surely be adopted by one of them, though preferably not by a hydra.
Half an hour later, on the other side of the canal Cyan dismounted from Zaranyth who happily carried of Gudrun to the other females.
"Where are we going?" the plant asked.
"Weíre going to a few friends. They canít move right now either."
"Are they stuck in the ground like me?"
"They have eggs and canít leave them."
"Does Cyan take care of them too?"
"Sometimes, but sheís not the only one."
"I want to meet Girth."
"See that big pink bulk over there?"
"I do!"
"Thatís Girth."
"Wow, she looks very protective."
"How would you be if Evilness keeps creeping around your eggs."
"Or your stalks."
"I wouldnít like it."
"We take turns guarding her eggs so she can get some rest."
"Maybe I can help."
"That would be wonderful honey." Zaranyth said, putting the plant down near Girth. "Maybe you can even stay for the hatching, thatíll turn out very exciting for you."
Smiling broadly the small plant looked up at the larger gold dragon: "I can?"
"I donít see why not. Girth will watch you."





Lantessama Isle