Name: Leopold
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Species: Khylarian Human

Description: Leopold has is a reluctant king. He often shows a dejected expression, his brown eyes cast down and his brow furrowed. His brown, shoulder-length hair fall straight down and will probably grey prematurely. He has a thin moustache and well-groomed ring beard to give him some authority. 
As a man, Leopold was once full of dreams, but as reality has come crashing down, he has had to give up those dreams of freedom and a life behind the scenes that he once dreamed of. With everyone looking to him for guidance, he feels pressured and stressed. 
Home: Khylar, Roan Region, City of Vureli.
Family: Parents are both deceased, older brother was killed. Married to Elisabeth.
Pets: --
Bond: Waiting to bond 







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