The Humours of Westport

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Name: Eubari
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Species: Dwarf

Description: Eubari is an older-looking gentleman who likes to dance and play little diddles on his instrument. Though his instrument of choice is a deeper sounding euphonium, he can play fast melodies and enjoys to make the dancers jump and skip. With his booming tenor and love of life attitude he will disarm just about anyone. 
Home: Eubari lives in a dwarven village near the river that forms Folk Valley. 
Family: Eubari is single but has a lot of nieces and nephews to fawn over.
Pets: Red-Purple flitter Haminu (f)
Bond: Waiting to bond a Drakkar from
Clan Akelara


Eubari launched in the humours of Westport and laughed heartily when he saw the dancers wince because of yet another wild and frolicky dance. Eubari was quite certain that his musicians were cursing him from behind their instruments but he lived for the energy of the reels. Next song he'd start a slow air to let everyone rest, but this was his moment. 
He put down his euphonium and started singing. The words he put to the songs differed with each performance but they rang true for the moment. Eubari sang about spring meadows and flowers in bloom. About little animals and children playing and the youngsters courting. 
Forgetting their aching legs, the dancers skipped and forgetting their burning lungs, the musicians gave him more and more. Until finally Eubari felt content. 
With a wicked grin he looked over the masses and sang an a capella air. He watched as the people sank down on the benches and dance floor to rest. A few couples remained to dance plastered together, swept up by the previous song.
Eubari understood their feelings. He'd never quite found a woman to spend the rest of his life with, but he'd tried more than a few times. He had no regrets about the life he'd lived. And he was far from done with living. He was getting a bit on the experienced side of age, but he had five or six decades of vigour left in him and looking back on the things he'd experienced in the first half of his life, he could only look forward to what was coming. 
Starting with the coming trip. He'd hesitated for a while but knew in his heart that this was one of those once in a lifetime deals. His old friend Balu had travelled to a space called the Nexus and had told him of the wonders it held. Magical creatures, over a thousand different species of sentient beings... Eubari could only dream about all the music he would find there. 
Just thinking about it made his level of excitement rise. The dancers and musicians had had enough rest, time for something more uplifting again. And as Eubari played the first notes of Drowsy Maggie, he decided to ask Balu to take him to the first world on his itinerary the very next day. Clan Akelara had sounded interesting yet familiar enough to rouse his interest. Would the music be wild and untamed or structured and restrained? Maybe a mix of the two. Chaos and Order had a way of holding each other in balance.
As night fell, Eubari left the stage to find some food and drink. Tomorrow he'd worry about sleep, tonight he'd enjoy the buzz a performance brought. Which is why he faced the next day with small eyes and a less than clear mind and absentmindedly ventured into a wrong room where he signed a little paper and was promised room and board while he waited.... for what he hadn't quite grasped. But he got to live here for free while he looked for music, how bad could it be?


It was late afternoon when the call went out, joy-excitement-anticipation rippling through the Clan, caught and amplified by other dragons until the whole Clan was wrapped in the feelings. The candidates were quickly gathered and ushered to the gemstone sands, where they were directed to the little nook claimed by Aethet once again.
Several eggs shivered and twitched, eggshell flexing and tiny cracks beginning to form as the hatchlings within scrabbled for freedom. Everyone waited with baited breath, watching, waiting for the first hatchling to emerge. Nothing seemed to change for one. Long. Moment— With a mighty crack, the first egg shattered in half, sending the mottled blue hatchling tumbling free onto the gemstone sands with a sharp yip of surprise. Aethet chirped and leaned down, nosing the Water back onto her feet and welcoming it. Another egg hatched and revealed a Ripple. Both hatchlings proceeded to bond one of the waiting candidates.
Meanwhile, three more eggs cracked open, the dragonets within tumbling out to fall into a tangle of multi-colored wings-limbs-claws with a chorus of shocked chirps and protesting whines. Fiksai, Aethet’s bond, knelt at their side and helped the three hatchlings up, straightening out an Earth, an Air, and a Wood and gently brushing away the worst of the gemstone fragments clinging to them.
“Stone,” Fiksai said, tapping the Earth’s muzzle with a clawed finger, then “Chime,” to the Air and “Vine,” to the Wood.
Stone butted his head against Fiksai’s arm in thanks and then turned to give the candidates a considering look. His sister Chime didn’t bother to wait, immediately sweeping past him and making a beeline for Eubari.
“Lo!” Chime said with a cheerful chirrup, her mind reaching out to press fascination-interest-cheer against Eubari’s. “Mine?”
Eubari chuckled and leaned over a bit to pat Chime on the head. “That sounds like a wonderful idea, little one,” he said in agreement, then grinned as Chime practically lit up with excitement. “Come on now, let’s get you fed and cleaned up.”

Parents: Aethet x Thoniel 
Adult Name: Alois 
Hatchling Name: Chime 
Personality: imaginative, watchful, dauntless 
Element: Air 
Gender: Female 
Potential Colors: Pale Blues 

Ferocious Roar - powerful cone of sound 
Air based magics - includes wind, but also the ability to control the breath of others and themselves 
Air-based Teleportation - requires air nearby to teleport 
Linked Teleportation - the ability to link with another teleporter and be brought along as a passenger 
Projective Empathy - can project emotions to those around them, with practice can pick up emotions too
Drakkarel's Gift - the ability to share their Elemental-based skills with any bond 
Verbal Speech


Chime, or Alois as the drakkar had proclaimed was her true name had grown up to be lithe and quick, with a beautiful pale blue skin that shone in the moonlight. Her voice had retained it's musical chimStill, e and some people had suggested the two of them take up a style they called "metal" though Eubari had no clue what that genre entailed since apparently it didn't mean using brass instruments. 
"I believe it has to do with my breath weapon." Alois supplied, "Very powerful."
Eubari grinned, "I can do powerful."
The two of them had a private moment where one of their contests had caused a wee bit of damage to their quarters. But nothing that hadn't been permanent. Still, Eubari felt that it was time to move on.
"Let's go check out this metal sound and see where else the music takes us."

Lantessama Isle