Of Rebirth and Eternal Youth


Name: Rude
Gender: Male

Description: Rude has lived for centuries. He lost count a few years ago when he returned from a very long meditation and realised that in the years he'd been locked away, the count of the years had changed. He presents himself as an older man of Eastern descent, with long dark-grey hair, intelligent black eyes, a large nose and thin lips, hidden by a moustache. He is often smiling and has a lot of wrinkles that make him seem weaker than he is. 
Personality: Rude is a patient man. He has time a plenty, being immortal, and never rushes things. He enjoys solitude and nature and thus avoids contact with other humans. He became a monk at a very young age and has never known the freedom others take for granted, and yet, he finds freedom in his repetitive schedule of travel and prayer. It's the winds and sun that guide him and the land that feeds him. 

Status: Enlightened Wiseman
Abilities: Meditation, Immortality
Religion: Rude is a follower of Chang'e, the goddess of the moon who stole the elixir of immortality and is rumoured to bestow the potion to her followers. Rude never discloses how he ended up immortal so most people assume those rumours must be true. 

Name: Ashari'Nylireh (Ashari'Nylireh ra'Kurah Sundancer)
     *Deity: Ilion (sun), reigns over: Light, Glory, Law, Liberation 
     *Rank: none
Physical Traits
     *Gender: identifies as female (genderless, but shapeshifts into a feminine human)
     *Colour: gold (Aura colour: yellow)
     *Height: 3'2"
     *Breed: phoenix gryphon
     *Abilities: verbal speech, empathy, regeneration, immortality, fire necromancy, strength
     *Domains: Liberation, Fire
Current Mate: red Kiax'Salann
Personality: Ashari was created to slay demons and that is about all she knows. Flung away from her previous life, she has only vague, fragmented memories left of her homeworld (Ansul). But she is still guided by her mission and the god of the sun that is her deity. She drifts from place to place, looking for the darkness and deceit of evil beings. It's a lonely existence, but it is all she has known, until now...


Rude looked up and saw a most unusual spectacle. Though the day was at it's brightest, a star fell through the sky, bright, golden flames trailed behind it and the air seemed to waver where it passed. Rude waited but heard no impact. He turned his gaze back to the path he was walking and continued his journey. Only time would tell if he'd ever find the place where the star had landed. That is, if it had been a star. 
Miles away, Ashari'Nylireh re'Kurah Sundancer shook the dust from her wings. She had maybe descended a bit too fast, but the thrill had been wonderful. The phoenix gryphon looked around and tried to familiarise herself with the new surroundings. She stood in a clearing in the sparse woods. As she'd come down from the skies, she'd seen a lot of cliffs, plains and rock formations. Rivers and lakes seemed to have retreated in deep gorges, but that wasn't unusual on Khylar where surface water was sparse. Ashari stretched and changed to her human form. A young woman with a golden tan, amber-yellow eyes and dark brown hair stood where the phoenix had been, clad in a simple white dress and functional leather sandals. Ashari tied her hair back and hoped that a ponytail wouldn't be considered exotic in this region. Sometimes the smallest things could make or break her subterfuge. And she needed to be incognito to fool those dedicated to evil. 
As she got accustomed to her human body again - such a faulty design, Ashari made up her mind to go south to where she'd seen the end of the cliff. To the east was a settlement, but it was a small village and not one she expected to find demons in. She took her directions from the Sun and felt comforted in the knowledge that there was light and sunshine everywhere. Darkness may try, but the light always prevailed. Invigorated by the heat of the noontime sun, she reached the edge of the land in no time. She looked down into the depths, seeing how the water churned and crashed below. 
Rude stepped out of the shade and followed the cliff's edge around a bend. A girl was standing there, young-looking but something was off about her. Likewise, Ashari saw the older gentleman approach. He moved too well for his apparent age and she was instantaneously on guard.
"Greetings, girl." the man called to her.
"Greetings." Ashari offered back and waited.
"My name is Rude, to whom do I owe the pleasure?"
Ashari knew that names of humans held no bigger purpose than a wish that their parents had given them. But the meaning of "Rude" was "Eternal Youth" and again, Ashari noticed how his voice was too smooth, his eyes to bright, his steps too light. Could this be a demon's work? But then, she sensed absolutely no evil from the man, only a calm waiting. A detached interest. It was almost like he regarded her the same way she regarded humans. As something peculiar that needed protection. That was not acceptable.
"Ashari'Nylireh." she said, using only the shortened form of her name. 
Although it wasn't her full name, it did give away her true colouring. But it was unlikely that this Khylarian would understand the Ansulian language. Still, Ashari did not want to linger and she opened her mouth to make some excuse so she could leave the man when he did the most peculiar thing. 
Rude bowed and sat down, ignoring the young woman to look at the water. He'd sensed that the woman wanted to leave and decided she was fully entitled to. He had no right to detain her. In fact, he was not all that keen to spend time with someone else anyway. He much preferred to watch the waves and the currents of the river below. Those images were not as soothing as some other images, but they did offer an ever-changing but similar effect that would help him meditate. 
When he returned to his senses, the woman was still there.
"Weren't you leaving?" he asked her.
"Who do you serve?" she asked, command strong in her voice.
"Lady Goddess Chang'e, Ruler of the Moon."
Light seemed to briefly flash in Ashari's eyes, maybe it was the sun, reflecting on them as she moved to sit down next to him.
"I serve Ilion, Master of the Sun." she replied in turn.
"I have not heard his name mentioned." Rude replied truthfully, "Might you elaborate?"
Ashari took a breath and suddenly, she was telling this ageless stranger what she remembered of her old world. Rude didn't even seem surprised, he just listened and waited for her to finish her story. In turn, he told her of the gods he knew. Many of whom overlapped with the deities of Ansul, taking on different aspects, but still recognisable. It was strange how all she remembered were the deities. But then, they had been there when she'd been created. Maybe that was why. The turn to speak came back to Ashari and she told Rude of her mission to destroy evil. Rude nodded.
"A noble aim."
"And you?" Ashari asked him.
"Nothing as lofty. I just travel, pray and meditate. I will continue to do so until Chang'e decides I am no longer necessary."
Ashari wondered if maybe the two of them had been forgotten. After all, neither had received word from their respective gods since they'd been sent off. Maybe they were just expected to do their work for all eternity. Maybe two would work better than one.
"Mind if I stay with you for a while?" Ashari asked.
"None whatsoever. You're free to go or follow." Rude then added, "I'm not a good cook."
"I'm not a picky eater."
"Then we might get along." 


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