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Name: Laelia
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Looks: Laelia has long red hair she usually keeps braided, green eyes below a high forehead, a straight nose and full lips. She is considered the prettiest girl in the village by most people but wears mostly muted colours so she doesn't stand out so much. 
Personality: Laelia has always been in the center of attention and she's not very happy about it. She is a shy person but friendly and caring which means she is liked by just about everyone. Many young men have come to ask her hand in marriage but she has declined them all. Laelia enjoys peace, quiet and solitude. She likes to read and create pottery. 
Family & Upbringing: Born to a simple couple of farmers, Laelia has been raised to be able to do household chores. She has 2 younger siblings. 
Clan: Orchidaceae
Flower Symbolism: Love, Luxury & Beauty (Laelia Orchid)

Pets: Peacock Regina (f) from Dragon Tears - Flower Symbolism: Beauty and Excellence (Bird of Paradise)
Bond: Red Jicarath from Kyanos Weyr


The expansive sands felt just a bit smaller than they normally did, given that they were occupied by three brooding females of various sizes. Openly friendly with one another before, the ladies had only grown closer while watching over their clutches, so there were several pleased voices announcing that the eggs had begun to shake before the humming began.
While the scribes kept careful records of which hatching broke shell from which clutch, it quickly became a mixed, chaotic mess from everyone else’s perspective.
Just as it always tended to.
Like a rather large cat, a red hatchling rubbed up against Laelia’s legs, making a strange sort of purring noise and very clearly looking for affection and pettings. 
~Jicarath will protect you and your people, promise. Can I have pettings now please?~

Name: Jicarath
Gender: Male
Coloration: Red
Mother: Gold Niraneth
Father: Bronze Simtath
Abilities: Assisted Fire Breath, Telepathy, Teleportation
Personality: Warm, Protective


Laelia oiled Jicarath and made certain he was in prime condition. They had finished their training and were ready to take the next step. She knew she would be welcome to stay and join one of the wings. But though she'd come to appreciate Kyanos Weyr, it wasn't where her heart was. She'd left that important part of herself on Khylar and hoped it had protected those she loved. She knew they would attempt to return right after they'd left but the thought was mindboggling.
"We just need to take care not to cause a paradox." Jicarath said, "Although, no-one has ever told us what happens then. It might be safe as long as you know it's a possibility like we do."
"My old self didn't even know about dragons." Laelia smiled, "So let's be careful.
Tagetes came to greet her, Cuath following close behind. It was time. With a slight tremble in her knees she went toward him and they prepared to leave.
Half an hour later, Tagetes, Laelia and their dragons appeared above Titonia's hut. Smoke rose from the chimney and the Chentuu were grazing nearby even though there was a large reptilian nearby. For a moment Tagetes tensed until Cuath told him:
"She's one of ours and sends her greeting."
At the same time, Laelia noted two antlered dragons, one bronze and one green, circling above and making plans to land.
"They are joined by their riders who know you." Jicarath told his rider, "And very happy to see you have returned."
"Time to catch up!" Tagetes called.
Laelia let him land first but then started the landing sequence before the other dragons, ridden by Yucca and Ipomoea could. When she jumped down, Titonia was already hugging her son, an unusual display of affection for the two of them, but it had never been certain that they would be able to return when they'd left. Argemone appeared from around the corner, the strange, squat dragon with the small wings, trotting up behind her. By the time Yucca and Ipomoea had landed with their respective dragons, the sun was setting and the fire was lit. They'd timed it on the safe side and had appeared quite a few weeks after the others. But that was okay, everyone was safe and no-one had caught wind of the beast that had hunted them. And if another appeared, they'd be ready. 


Lantessama Isle