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Name: Ipomoea
Age: 26
Gender: Female

Looks: Ipomoea enjoys looking good. She has wavy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a straight nose and a small mouth. Her body is curvy and she keeps herself into shape. She likes to wear bright colours, especially blue, purple and white dresses that have flaring skirts.
Personality: Ipomoea is a perfectionist. She is her own biggest critic and will go to great lengths to achieve her ideal look. She hangs out around town a lot, hoping to catch the eye of a passing merchant or noble. The plan is of course to find an amazing (and rich) husband who'll care for her. So far she hasn't had any luck. 
Family & Upbringing: Ipomoea grew up in a small household with a few siblings and parents who worked hard. Ipomoea wants to do better for herself.
Clan: Convolvulaceae
Flower Symbolism: Unfulfilled Love

Pets: --
Bond: Green Miraluth (f) from Dawn Watch Weyr


"Candidates to the sands please. The eggs are hatching." Saniyath’s call rang out to every receptive mind in the weyr.
People rushed to the Hatching Cavern, but the first-time mom had been a little bit off in judging when her offspring would hatch as by the time the first people arrived, a bronze was already sitting in the remains of his shell. Dazed though, the hatchling seemed to be taking his time as candidates and spectators hastily filed in. The first hatched bronze suddenly bugled a high-pitched challenge and turned, pouncing on his mother's flicking tail. His dam gently shook him off, using her nose and one paw to turn him around and nudge him in the direction he should be going in. Still, the bronze took his merry time to bond one of the candidates. 
The next three eggs hatched all at once, a blue, a green and a red. The blue and green stared at each other, but then move into different directions. With quiet care, the green walked, seeking just the right person, the one who needed her most. That need she found in Ipomoea. 
“There you are my dear. I am Miraluth. Come along now and we’ll find something to eat. Then I think somewhere comfortable for a nap will be in order”

Name: Miraluth
Title: The Fairy Godmother
Species: Imperial Court Dragon
Parents: Purple Saniyath x Crowned Golden Phantasos
Rank: Low
Gender: Female
Colour Codes: #145045 | #44B7A3 | #08312A
Size: 10’3 at the shoulder | 41 long
Personality: Caring | Supportive | Progressive | Determined
     * Sending – Can bespeak a single known person regardless of distance


Time trickled by slowly but it seemed to fly for Ipomoea as she cared for Miraluth and was taught what she needed to do while doing chores. Ipomoea was horrified by some of the tasks they were expected to do. Luckily Yucca volunteered often enough to take over the dirtiest of chores for which Ipomoea was grateful but she had a hard time showing it. Miraluth however had showered Yucca in praise, much to Ipomoea's embarrassment. 
"Gratefulness should be shown and any reward to a job well done gives one wings." Miraluth said wisely.
The aqua green dragoness with her large wings that shone like velvet lifted her head, making it clear that her horns were growing. Ipomoea noted the flaky bits where old skin was peeling off. Ipomoea might be many things, but she did care for those close to her and she hastily rubbed some oil on the tender patches.
Miraluth sighed and said: "Thank you."


Finally the day arrived when both Ipomoea and Yucca could take their leave. They promised to return occasionally and to be ready to help should Dawn Watch need them. But in all honesty, they did not expect to be needed. The Weyr was bustling and the resident dragons were powerful and resourceful. But who knew what the future would bring? For now though, the dragons would be more needed on Khylar, to protect it and it's people from harmful influences of other invaders. 
Coroleth and Miraluth took off, their riders geared up and ready. They had travelled between before. When they'd come to Dawn Watch and while practicing the teleporting during training. But this time they would have to make it all the way back home.
"Just think of home and keep that image strong in your mind." Miraluth told the nervous Yucca.
"I'm with you." Coroleth added.
A quick chill, a blackness and then they were back home. The mountains stretched before them, the fields below them almost the same as before. Ipomoea had opted for an interval of three weeks to be certain they wouldn't get into trouble and by the look of it, they had appeared just when they wanted. The dragons soared through the sky and followed their riders' directions towards Tithonia's hut. The structure seemed unchanged which was promising. Smoke drifted up from the chimney and flowers bloomed from the windowsill. 
Just as they were descending, a horrifying creature appeared. Snarling the crocodilian with wings seemed to want to attack them.
Coroleth readied his fire breath, but Miraluth stepped in, overbearing as she usually was. But then, she was usually right.
"It's okay." she said, "I sense that this one is smarter than being evil."
"Evil can be smart." Coroleth voiced his opinion, "And malicious."
Down below, Argemone appeared, warned by her dragon, Thleki. She signalled a universal okay that she hoped the others had picked up from training and then had Thleki make room so they could land.
"Welcome!" she said once they were on solid ground.
"Is Tithonia alright?" Yucca asked, "What about Laelia and Tagetes?"
"Tithonia has gone to fetch the Chentuu. I've been here for about a week now. No word from Tagetes nor Laelia." Argemone answered.
"Oh." Yucca said a bit disappointed, he'd hoped to see both his not-so secret crush and the man he looked up to.
"Don't worry." Ipomoea said, channelling some of her dragon's wisdom, "They probably will appear shortly. They're both careful people so they might just take a bigger safety period to appear."
Argemone looked at the woman who'd previously been a lot more selfish, "You grew up smart!" she couldn't help but joke and was rewarded by a glare.


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