Crystal Cave

A cold wind blew from the East when the candidates landed on the fringes of IceLand. Following last year's tradition the candidates had been flown over to the fringes of IceLand, along with the eggs on the growing number of Ryslen Flurry riders at the Isle. Only 6 candidates had signed up, along with 4 caretakers and a formal request for mascots for the Morhakain Unit, a dragon-riding fighting unit of a newly planet that had opened up to dragon adoption.
As the picnic was set up and stoves were lit around the cirlce of eggs the candidates mingled and sipped their gluhwein, eggnog or fruit juice to keep busy and moving. Meanwhile the IceLanders seemed to be unaffected by what they called 'a delightfully warm breeze for the time of year'. They hurried around the circle, tending the eggs and candidates and keeping an eye on the surroundings. 
Standing at the tables on this bright winter days, was Lucas who had come to record the hatching in such a fashion that it would please his sister-in-law, Trix. Not an easy thing to do, but a chance to practice his steno. 
Looking deep into the fire before him, Lucas' gaze shifted, unfocused on the fire and his mind drifted away, only to be snatched back right away by something peculiar. Looking up, with wrinkled forehead, Lucas tried to place his finger on what had roused his intrest when he saw it again, the faintest white flech of snow falling toward the ground, hitting an egg that immediately started wobbling. 
Minutes later soft snow was falling over their clearing, filling the sky without diminishing vision on the eggs. A good thing because soon those would hatch into creatures he hoped would be graceful, furry and winged - that last bit tended to be left out quite often of late.

In the circle of eggs twin yellow eyes watched the others move away with their bonds. The grey female dragon sighed. "I want to go eat too." she said.
"Then bond." Her blue brother told her, "Then you can go eat."
"I don't feel anyone that belongs to me in there." the grey answered, "And I'm hungry."
"So am I." the blue said, "And I don't think mine is here either."
"Hmm, Kanakor," the Crystal Grey said softly, "If we bond to each other..."
"We can get to the food!" the Winter blue finished her thoughts, "Great thinking Kijenna!"
"Now all we need is a place to go." Kijenna said.
"I say we just pick the first place on the list that's still open."
"That would be Dragon Tears, I don't know... those tears can't be good."
"But look at the perks: icy waste, private hot springs, a den all for ourselves, everlasting snow... It's perfect."
"Don't hesitate! Go!" Kanakor ended the discussion and dragged his sister toward the feeding tables.

Crystal Grey Kijenna (f) & Winter Blue Kanakor (m)

Lantessama Isle.