We see what lays between the real
A sense so deep you will never feel
Secret things no-one else can see
Trivial things about who you think us to be
You fear us but we would never do
The things you think us capable to
All we want is a spirit free
Leave us be

The Seeer-Group

1. Qanyina
Qanyina is the last leader of the Seeer-group. She is 27 years of age and was chosen at the age of 15. She is tall and slender, like a model with long red hair and a delicate bone structure. Many people have been fooled by her appearance. Despite her beauty she is very cool and calculated, with a heart that's always willing to give, but a mind that's always looking for betrayal. She will help whomever she can, but she can pick out people with bad intentions and she doesn't reserve pity for them.
In her 12 years of training she specialised in seeing the future and omens. 
Qanyina bonded to Gold Jasmith at Maura Lynna Weyr!

2. Lenya
Lenya is 12 years old and is brought forward as one of the great promises in the group. Her talents reach from 

3. Naviron
Navirn is 21. He's very handsome with a tanned skin and short blond hair. He looks like a surfer and enjoys swimming. 

4. Barnes
Barnes is 16 and already a good telepath. he can hear virtually every mind he wants and has often done that. 

5. Avijon
Avijon had an anger problem that first brought him in the attention of the former leader Farna. Once inside the complex, the lanky teenage boy soon found his plane of expertise: Nature. 

The Institute

1. Gwendolyn & Mica
Gwendolyn is an oracle who was orphaned at birth. When it became apparent she had powers she was taken by 'the Institute', a government project to harness paranormal powers and use them for a greater cause. Of course talents weren't asked if they would like to come live at the institute. Nor were they free to leave. All talents are guarded in one way or another. Some have human 'bodyguards' other have camera's following them, some are even confined to their rooms. And still some manage to escape and look for freedom.
Gwendolyn bonded Purple Geperna
Gweai'Urdi at Mythicalae
Mica bonded Black Geperna
Miuah'Kyil at Mythicalae

2. Fyr
From as long as she can remember, Fyr has been visited by 'spirits'. Beings from other places and times possessing her for a few moments, seeing the world through her eyes. For all but Fyr herself it is hard to tell the difference between what she does and what the 'spirits' are doing.
Fyr bonded Red-Orange Glitz Ignis at Cy DragonStake

3. Fanelial
Fan'al was cast out of society when she was younger. She is a powerful psychic, able to direct her energy into healing and growing. People of the institute should have been interested in her. But because Fan'al can't speak she was of little interest to the government. After all a psychic who can't tell you what is happening and whose mind cannot be read by other psychics is a liability. Fan'al lives in a forest far away from most large civilisations.
Fan'al bonded Silver-streaked Shadow Glider Loren at Lantessama Isle

Lantessama Isle