Name: Yanik
Age: 16
Gender: Male 
Description: Yanik has brown hair that he likes to keep tied back in a ponytail, green eyes that look defiantly to the world and a mouth that's almost perpetually set to displeased. When his older brother fled with the temple girl, his mother decided to follow them and relocate to Dawn Cove, which meant that Yanik had to leave his studies. He'd been one of the lucky ones to have gotten into the temple clergy, meaning he was set for a bright future. With his future now uncertain, and his status sunk, he doesn't quite know how to act. 
Pets: Green Flitter Tag (m) from Gineya Isle, Wild Axolotl Estuar (m)


The night was equally dark as the water when Yanik stood waiting for a companion. The water dragons at Planet Kynn weren't like any other he'd heard about. They had way more legs for one thing. And in stead of bonding, they shared a connection of care. Becoming more a companion than a part of oneself. Yanik couldn't care less. As long as the dragon was different from the others and would allow him to travel as far away as possible from his brother, he was fine with anything.  
Down in the water, dragon pairs had gathered to welcome the younglings and help them come into the world. Small dragons bubbled up to the surface, calling and probing, looking for the waiting entity that appeared most appealing to them. 
Grumpy grumpy grumpy face, you should come over here. 
Yanik paused, glancing around to see if that was an open message, but alas, it seemed directed at him. A cold splash, just shy of his feet, but assuredly in his direction, took him eye to eyes with a pale blue and green youngling. 
You have lots to figure out. I want to help! Whatever you decide to do! The hatchling rumbled at him, as if purring like a feline. You can call me Eiji. 
At the end of the hatching, Shion who was the official presiding, gave a little speech, encouraging people to take one of the eggs as an extra gift. The eggs were in stasis and would only hatch when the conditions were right or the younglings could help twist them right.  

Name: Eiji-Tonaye’Vanya, Tides Collect Pearls
Gender: Male 
Mother: Lalaye-Takil’Banni
Father: Opoton-Rothol’Tasrah
Abilities: Telepathy, Water Magic, Gravity Manipulation, Sympathetic Link 
Personality: Upbeat, Agreeable


Yanik had stayed on planet Kynn while Eiji matured. As such the pet egg had hatched almost right away since the other Wheke Ika could help maintain the necessary environment for the axolotl and had been eager to see what was inside. The camouflage green creature had been the unfortunate subject of many study sessions where Eiji trained his powers. Luckily the axolotl was quite agreeable and couldn't blame the Wheke Ika when Eiji himself tried his best to keep the axolotl from harm. 
Sit still, Estuar. Eiji messaged and the axolotl froze.  
Eiji focused his intentions and the axolotl was surrounded by a sphere of water. Estuar cocked his head and tried to touch the edge of the bubble with his claws. This time the bubble held and Estuar jumped up happily, twisting and turning in the bubble.
"You did it." Yanik beamed, genuinely happy that Eiji had gotten it right.
Over the past months, Yanik had mellowed out a bit. He was still angry for his brother's actions but being away from his family and having found a travel companion made up for the loss of his study place. And the things he'd learned hadn't been wasted. Almost daily Yanik found use for his skills. As such he was seriously thinking about staying at the wondrous planet Kynn with it's crazy waterfall and multiple levels.
We could stay a bit longer, but I wouldn't mind seeing your native planet either. Eiji sent back.
"Maybe later."
When youre ready I'm willing. Eiji promised. 

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Wheke Ika impressed at Planet Kynn