Name: Shunki
Age: 17
Gender: Male 
Description: Shunki is a tall young man, with blonde hair, green eyes and a fair complexion. He tans but also gets freckles and never stays tanned for long. Having long limbs means he can run pretty fast and he's usually one of the announcers of the caravan, running out in front and yelling about their wares.
Personality: Shunki is loud and carefree. He's quite social and likes to be in the center of attention. He usually plays his role as announcer with extra flourishes and flirtations. Being an only child he often spends time with Meroka and her brothers and has started to have some feelings toward the small young woman. 
Family: Shunki is the only son in a single parent family. his mother sells earthenware in the caravan.
Pets: --


Mazorun's clutch was small at 4 eggs but all of her offspring would be healthy and large judging by the size of the eggs. For this clutch two people from Dawn Cove had been chosen to try and impress and four mer-people had been found by word of mouth. The mer-people were the first to arrive, benefiting from the currents and their easy sea-access from the northern sea-level living areas. Lief and Shunki arrived a little later from the roads as they'd been stationed more central to the island. They would leave with Hanari and Nyaka right after the hatching and if they bonded would raise the kittens in the Dawn Cove settlement. 
Another half an hour later had the first egg hatch. The clear blue hatchling female swam fast and skimmed the sand to fleck off any leftover shell before she hurried to the black merwoman.
Two other eggs hatched in rapid succession. A purple an red male appeared in the clear waters before their movements stirred up the sand and obscured the view. 
While the purple well bonded to one of the other mer-people, the red fountain swam toward the shore and made googly eyes at Shunki: 
"Do you think they'll like me?" he asked, hinting at Shunki's girlfriend and her bond who had already left Lantessama.
"Why wouldn't they, Lizaro? You look amazing."
The last egg seemed to have waited and only hatched after the sediment had settled. When it finally popped, a bright green female flipped her tail out of the water. She too headed for the shore, leaving the two waiting mers to wait for a future clutch, choosing to go to the human nurse instead.
"I'd like to learn more." she told Lief, "You can call me Beroul."
"Just ask me what you want to know and I'll try to give you an answer." the woman replied.
As the new pairs headed out to eat and make arrangements for their future, the sun shone brightly in the sky, a good omen for what was to come.


Just a few days after the hatching, Mazorun, Tazrin, Beroul and of course Lizaro were ready to depart from Lantessama. The nekrats said goodbye to distant family members and the oceans that would forever hold a part of their heart, but they would return to the waters of Dawn Cove where more family awaited them and their bonds. 
"I can't wait to meet Aesha and Meroka." Lizaro told his bond.
"They'll love you." Shunki promised.
"I know of them from the thoughts of the others but I want to meet them for real." 
As nekrats shared part of their conscious minds they could convey relationships instantly which would take many words for humans. 
The trip to Gremyne was uneventful, a quick hop and they were where they needed to be. And before they reached the shore people had picked up on their arrival and were cheering. Shunki barely managed to reach the shore before running footsteps and a familiar shouting voice had him turning his attention toward his closest friend Meroka and her bond Aesha. 
"We match!" Aesha giggled while at the same time Lizaro uttered: "She's pretty." 


Time had passed and Aesha and Lizaro were both adult nekrats. Shunki and Meroka had likewise grown and cemented their connection from a deep friendship to teenage infatuation to a true love. The two of them had started living in one of the newly built homes. Meroka had started growing herbs and making rudimentary potions while Shunki had joined the local builders in making new houses for the ever-growing community. 
On nights they often went swimming with their nekrats. It was on one of those warm summer nights that found them floating on the surface a few miles out at sea. What a normal human wouldn't dare do was something a bond of a nekrat found normal. They'd have no problem getting back home but far enough away from everything to feel like they were the only people in the world. All around them was water, sky and stars. Overtaken by the romantic mood, the two nekrats started to chase and play in the water, dragging their bonds with them under and over the waves. 
Laughing Meroka finally had to let go while Aesha sped on, beckoning Lizaro to follow her. 
"Stay with Meroka." Lizaro gave a quick instruction and then sped of when he felt Shunki's hold loosen. 
And then they were off. Aesha teased and beckoned. Letting Lizaro come close before speeding away again. Lizaro humoured her, letting her keep the lead until he couldn't keep from getting close. With a quick manoeuvre he was upon her.
"You always turn right after a dive." he let her know before he caught her.
"Maybe I just wanted you to catch me." Aesha retorted but privately promised to try not to be as predictable next time. 

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