Name: Ponka
Age: 18
Gender: Male 
Description: Ponkau is of medium size and build, but he has a tendency to put on weight easily which causes him to exercise a lot, turning that extra energy into muscle. Which means that Ponkau is quite strong and is often called upon when one of the wagons get stuck. Ponkau has dark brown hair, light brown eyes and a tanned complexion.  
Personality: Ponkau is a friendly and optimistic person. He is well-liked and will not say no when people ask for help. He seems to float through life, letting what happens or what is needed guide him through. Ponkau lives from day to day and tries to enjoy life. When he has free time, he likes to sing and clean. 
Family: Ponkai is the oldest child of a couple of caravan-traders. Younger brother Baraesu, younger sister Meroka. Their wagon sells furs, rugs and clothes. 
Pets: Citrine Firelizard Alari (f) from Lantessama Isle


Evening was approaching after a long and hot summer day when Serise notified her bond that her eggs were close to hatching. They weren't exactly moving yet but there was something in the currents around them that was different. As cryptic as a message that was, when a dragon told you her eggs were hatching, you got the candidates. There were a lot of candidates present for this hatching, but not all of them would bond today. Several larger groups had appeared from offworld. There were about four people from Kynn and two groups from Dawn Cove. All of these would return to their homeworld and establish nekrat colonies there. This made the hatching feel more like an informal gathering to eat, drink and socialise. Locals asked about how candidates had fared after previous hatchings, wondering what had happened after they'd returned home. Others were curious about the planets the candidates lived on and wanted to discuss flora and fauna. Close to the beach about a dozen people were standing with their feet (or fins) in the water, waiting for the kittens to come to them. 
Ponkau was the first to feel movement and though he was a big man, the tanned caravan-member from Gremyne was nearly knocked off his feet by the energetic wave nekrat male that wriggled himself between the man's legs. 
"Play! Play!" the young nekrat called to him, "Basit will play with Ponkau. Fun!"
Both his brother and sister were grinning and cracking jokes while he swam to the side, following his new bond. But it didn't take long for Ponkau to start laughing as twin jets launched from the water and drenched his siblings. Meroka was still looking around, not knowing what had happened when she was pulled under by a bright Foam female who hugged her tight and whispered in her mind: "My name is Aesha."
Baraesu had figured out after the initial splash that he should brace himself. But unlike his siblings, the nekrat that had chosen him for a bond was a quiet sort and didn't like to be too flashy. The pool nekrat was almost invisible in the bay waters, but he poked his head out of the water for a moment, just long enough to show himself before he swam away, Baraesu following.
"What's your name?" the middle sibling asked.
"Alnahr." the pool replied coolly and then hurried for the food.

Wave Basit (m)


Ponkau watched as Basit crashed headfirst into the waves, breaking them and letting the water rush over him. The nekrat enjoyed the game and as it built strength and endurance it was a great way to train without losing fun. Ponkau had always been a carefree but friendly person, Basit had only enhanced those traits in him. His sea dragon was as optimistic as himself and loved to take on challenges. 
"Speaking off, there is a challenge I'd like to try." Basit told him.
"Want to swim around the planet?"
"Maybe later. We could travel both Syl'Neriss and Gremyne." Basit got sidetracked a bit at the prospect of a long journey but then returned to the idea he'd had.
"I'd like to join a mating swim. I feel like I have much to learn from some of the others and sparring with them might teach me their tricks."
"And regular sparring won't do because...?"
"They're never fully serious."
"I guess you have a point there."
"I do." Basit said matter-of-factly. 

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Nekrats impressed at Lantessama Isle