Name: Parvas
Age: 15
Gender: Male 
Description: Parvas has thick blond hair in a messy haircut that hides his bright blue eyes and emphasize his big nose. He has a generous mouth and isn't afraid to use it. Parvas can be considered loud and crass, never hiding what he feels; He is the youngest in the family and from a young age he learned that you need to be heard if you want attention. Parvas acts carefree, but on the inside he is quite considerate and he will try to keep the people around him happy. 
Pets: Orange Amora Wiki (f) from Gineya Isle


Evening was approaching after a long and hot summer day when Serise notified her bond that her eggs were close to hatching. They weren't exactly moving yet but there was something in the currents around them that was different. As cryptic as a message that was, when a dragon told you her eggs were hatching, you got the candidates. There were a lot of candidates present for this hatching, but not all of them would bond today. Several larger groups had appeared from offworld. There were about four people from Kynn and two groups from Dawn Cove. All of these would return to their homeworld and establish nekrat colonies there. This made the hatching feel more like an informal gathering to eat, drink and socialise. Locals asked about how candidates had fared after previous hatchings, wondering what had happened after they'd returned home. Others were curious about the planets the candidates lived on and wanted to discuss flora and fauna. Close to the beach about a dozen people were standing with their feet (or fins) in the water, waiting for the kittens to come to them. 
After the first three nekrats had impressed a wind picked up and those that scanned the skies noticed the dark clouds gathering at the horizon. The light changed as did the smell of the air and water, all signs that a thunder storm was brewing. Without knowing how many eggs were still hidden in the water no-one knew whether or not the hatching would end before the storm let loose. But the candidates would get wet either way so they hardly thought of leaving the water. Some of the spectators left to take shelter though, not wanting to risk getting wet. 
In the water but near the shore, Tavula suddenly felt the sand under her feet shift and a tail caress her ankle. Quickly looking down she could just spy a shadow of movement on the sand. Yellow on beige, the Sand female was playing hide and seek but she was too slow and Tavula managed to catch her tail.
"Got you!" the young woman from Dawn Cove shouted.
"You did. But I wanted you to so it's still my win." the Sand female winked, "My name is Wamid."
The light started to dim as the clouds in the sky drew closer. It was in those last rays of sunshine that still sparkled on the waters that the next nekrat kitten appeared. He was fast and slender, with a pearly white hide and stunning red fins that seemed to be made of flames. Pleased with his dramatic entrance, the Fountain male swamp up to Parvas and said:
"I'm Sarih, pleased to meet you."
"You're amazing." Parvas exclaimed and hugged the beaming nekrat.

Fountain Sarih (m)


Sarih preened. His white hide looked as pristine as the day he'd hatched and his red fins, though a deeper, smokey red when the sun's light didn't hit them exactly right, were shiny and healthy. Lindering in the warm waters near the shore, Sarih watched as his bond Parvas took care of his own appearance. The young shaggy boy had transformed into a handsome and engaging man. Loud at times, witty and jovial, Parvas had retained the sparkle in his eyes. And Sarih felt it was time that his bond took the next step unto adulthood.
"Don't you want to mate?" Sarih asked with all the delicacy of a hammer coming down.
Parvas choked and flushed. For all his boasting behaviour, he'd been a boy still when he came to Lantessama. Raising and training a nekrat, especially one as demanding as Sarih had kept him too busy to think much on relationships. There were girls that had caught his attention. There had been some he'd almost asked out. But he was inexperienced and surprisingly shy when it came to the fairer sex. 
"Don't worry. I'll take care of everything." Sarih insisted, leaving Parvas to wonder what was to happen. 

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