Name: Oskar
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Description: Oskar is a short and stocky man cursed with a balding head and an overgrowth of red hair everywhere else on his body. He keeps a long beard, a curled moustache and an impressive jungle of chest hair.  He has kind brown eyes and wrinkles that serve as proof that he likes to laugh.
Personality: Oskar doesn't believe in worrying. It's bad for your heart and your soul. He prefers to live in the moment, doing what he can and enjoying things whenever he gets the chance. He is a drifter that goes where his senses and curiosity leads him.
Family: Parents deceased, he lost contact with his siblings and extended family.
Skills: Telling jokes and charming food out of strangers with his stories. 
Pets: --


Oskar had travelled through nearly all of Gremyne. He prided himself in not staying on the beaten path and venturing out into different kinds of terrain. If it looked interesting he went there, if the terrain didn't suit him he left again. There had been times when he had to make do with very little and times when he had known excess. Like when he'd tagged along with the caravan of some prince that had loved Oskar's stories so much that he had feasted with him every night. Oskar smirked as he remembered some of the stories he'd spun for the prince. The prince had had a thing for beautiful black-haired women in miniscule clothing. Those had been some good stories.
But today he was on his own and the stories he spun in his head were meant only for himself. They were a lot less spectacular than anything he'd told the prince. Oskar's dreams were simple. He wanted to eat something delicious and sleep in a soft bed. And if those things were presented to him he wouldn't mind staying for a couple of days.
Oskar smelled the sea, the salty aroma mixed with the scent of a fire and his mouth watered at the thought of roasted fish. For now he would follow his nose and check out the people that were close by. Oskar wasn't exactly frightened that he'd run into bandits. Bandits were also people trying to survive. Oskar didn't mind sharing what he had, but at the moment that wasn't much. He'd probably take more from the bandits than they could get back from him anyway.
Not wanting to startle whoever was at that fire, Oskar called out:
"Hello? Might I join you for a while at your fire?"
But silence answered him. The fire seemed to be abandoned but it was going strong, a new log had just been put on it. Maybe they'd stepped away to answer nature's call? Oskar made himself comfortable at the fire and kept it going. 
"Who might you be?" a voice called from the water's edge and Oskar turned.
A red head popped out from the surf. Large floppy, finned ears twitched and the dragon's whiskers trembled. Oskar had heard stories of these sea creatures but hadn't actually seen one.
"My name is Oskar, kind nekrat. How can I help you?"
"I'm getting a bit bored with fish." the nekrat admitted, "Would you have some meat to trade?"
"I could go for some fish myself." Oskar answered and pulled out the last of his reserves. The meat was dried and tough but he could personally testify that it was tasty.
"My name is Leizuban." the nekrat said, "What is yours?"
"Maybe we could travel together for a while."
"I wouldn't mind some company.'

Coral Leizuban (m)


Leizuban dove deep and deftly caught a fish. On the land Oskar was telling stories to the people of the Dawn Cove settlement. They'd been staying here for a week and Leizuban could feel his bond's wanderlust pull at him. Likewise his own urges and needs pulled at him. Maybe it was time to return to Syl'Neriss. Maybe it was time to show Oskar where he came from. There was an entirely new planet to explore. 
"I like your train of thought." Oskar remarked.
"I wouldn't mind meeting up with some of my kin either." Leizuban said.
"Oh, well then maybe I'll find some company for myself while you do that." Oskar grinned.
"I'm certain you'll be able to manage that." 


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Nekrat adopted at Lantessama Isle