Name: Lia
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Description: Lia is a tanned, chubby young woman with a radiant smile and mischievous eyes. She has freckles and birth-marks all over. She keeps her long brown hair in a pony tail or braid and usually doesn't cover up, not liking to get sweaty. 
Personality: Lia is a loud and outspoken girl. She isn't a beauty, but she has a presence that gets people to notice her. She isn't lacking for company but isn't actively seeking a lover. Lia likes to laugh, likes hearing jokes (though she can't tell them) and generally enjoys crowded and excited environments. 
Family: Whereabouts unknown. Lia arrived at Dawn Cove on her own. 
Skills: Optimism, Pointing out problems
Pets: --


Romi-Shanrios'Empyra, also nicknamed Reef Twirling Jester by her parents, was a bright specimen of the Wheke Ika without a doubt. She sported bright yellow body and wings, green tentacles, blue fins and purple highlights. She would not be able to hide and neither did she feel the need to stay out of other's view. In fact, Romi relished in being in the center of attention and loved to act, twirling her body and patterns in  hypnotising and enticing patterns
It didn't take long for her to become known as an entertainer and she was asked to perform for others, even those not on Kynn. That's when Romi started to travel the Nexus worlds. She gathered even more attention, became even more famous. 
But even entertainers need a little break at times. Looking for an ideal vacationing spot. The bright Wheke Ika's eye fell on a small planet out of the way of pretty much everything else. It barely registered as a Nexus planet as only one settlement had active connections to one adoption agency. Which didn't sound bad at all. Nobody should know about her. 
Romi arrived and immediately felt relaxed. There was no-one waiting for her. She could feel sea dragons, but none paid her any attention. Blissfully anonymous, she started to explore her surroundings, looking for a place to stay.
It didn't take long for her to notice that most of the best spots were already spoken for. Being incognito did have it's setbacks. The present sea dragons, nekrats as they were called, did point her toward a stretch of ocean that was not yet taken. As Romi approached, her ears caught the sound of laughing and singing and she was instantly attracted to the voice of the young woman.
She approached and was captivated by the simple melody. Without intending to, she started dancing. As the song reached it's finale, Romi, swept up in a frenzy, launched herself out of the water shortly. Almost immediately she realised her mistake. Jumping out of the water with her gravitation manipulation powers was no way of staying anonymous. She might as well have floated about in a bubble of water.
Shouts and commotion ensued. But it was the young woman who once again caught her attention. Somehow burning brighter than the others, her excitement a beacon, a truly shiny thing. 
"Lia." Romi whispered in her mind, suddenly knowing the woman's name. 
The bonding had crept up on her but was not unwelcome. They would have a lot of fun together. 



"Are we really going?" Lia asked.
"We have to, I have shows to perform." Romi told her.
Lia was excited to see new worlds, but at the same time she was a bit nervous about leaving Gremyne and Dawn Cove. She'd been born in a dirt-poor village, as most villages were. She'd gotten separated from her parents. At Dawn Cove she'd found a new home for herself, a place to belong where she could live a comfortable life. She knew she'd somehow struck gold.
"We can certainly return here between shows." Romi said, reading her bond's mind, "This is home now for me too. Although i do want to show you Kynn and the Empyrean Stair too... Maybe when it's time to come together to make offspring. The hatching of the young is a truly magical spectacle...."
"I'd love to see that." Lia admitted.
"You certainly will."

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