Name: Keshri
Age: 17
Gender: Male 
Description: Keshri has light brown, straight hair that hangs to his shoulders. He has yellow-brown eyes, a thin nose, thin lips and freckles. He is wiry and tough, a long distance runner who ferried messages across the towns. Being on his own and being able to think suits him just fine. When running, he gets in his groove, sets his movements on auto and just thinks. 
Pets: Aqua Ceadra Fib (m) from Gineya Isle


It was early morning, the first light that announced the arrival of the sun had just appeared on the horizon, tainting the black night sky with a reddish glow. Not many people were awake on Lantessama Isle, but the nekrats and dragons were awake. They waited with bated breaths until Rock Adelynha let out the first call. A triumphant and echoing bugle to shake every living being from their beds. Everyone should get the message: Her eggs were hatching. She'd guarded them for months and had carefully tended them, turning the eggs and keeping them on a soft bed of sand. Her mate Chunyon had patrolled the area dutifully and had brought her whatever she needed. He had offered to take her place so she could be free from guard-duty for a little while but she'd declined. 
Chunyon picked up her call and soon all the nekrats joined in the calling. They were echoed by the dragons from their lairs, from the sky and the mountain tops. After about ten minutes the first humans rushed out. Hastily dressed and with tousled hair they didn't look like much but it pleased Adelynha that they had not taken the time to get ready. The candidates appeared both from the water and from the land: Kynnese merfolk, a selkie seal-shifter and a platypus wyldkin, a strangely feline-looking space pirate and of course a lone human. 
As the sun rose triumphantly from the horizon, the splashing of the water indicated that some or maybe all the eggs had hatched. Calm descended on the bay afterward and people started whispering among themselves. Adelynha would have none of it and glared at the offenders. Only birdsong and the rustling of leaves in the wind remained until Anaro surfaced from the water in her human form and laughed:
Near the shore, Keshri had noticed a slight disturbance in the water. It was still pretty dark and he wasn't sure, but going to check it out couldn't hurt. So he stepped to the side and suddenly felt something smooth and slippery below his feet. The nekrat pulled it's tail free and caused Keshri to fall. 
"I'm sorry." the lake male said as he swam up to Keshri.
"Don't worry Volludh. I'm alright."


Keshri looked over the waters of Dawn Cove like he'd done before he'd even known where he was headed in life. Below him Volludh was playing with Wamid, the dark aqua Lake and bright golden Sand nekrat were both calm and relaxed dragons and they'd hit it off immediately. 
A warm hand touched his shoulder as Tavula returned with some tea and biscuits. They were sitting close to her house. There was no doubt in Keshri's mind that they should be here. Tavula had always wanted to put down roots and she'd already started before they'd travelled to an entirely different planet to bond to water dragons. 
"Everything okay?" Tavula asked when she saw her lover's look.
"Everything's perfect." he assured her, "I'm just amazed at how happy I am."
Tavula smiled back at him, knowing perfectly well how he felt. She was finally home and ready to raise a family. The past years having flown by in the blink of an eye.  
"I think our bonds are trying to tell us something though." Keshri winked as the play in the water had turned into something a little more serious.
Tavula grinned, "You want to try to beat them in starting a family?"
"I don't think we can. But how bad can it be to practice?"
"I like that thought." Tavula sighed and let herself be swept away in the happiness.

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