Name: Kaladri
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Description: Kaladri has an athletic build with strong arms and legs and not too much fat on her bones. She has pronounced shoulders, narrow hips and hardly any curves. She has short, spiky black hair, sapphire blue eyes and a slightly crooked nose that gives her the look of a fighter. In reality she broke it falling from a tree when she was 10. Kaladri usually wears clothes that leave her limbs bare.
Personality: Kaladri likes challenging herself. She's been climbing since she was young but also likes racing, archery and has been known to join in several group sports. With her athletic build you'd think she'd do something physical to earn money but Kaladri just loves writing and creating stories. At times she performs with a theatrical group.
Family: Travelling around Gremyne. 
Skills: Athletic, Creative.
Pets: --


Kaladri pulled herself up and got up as she reached a relatively flat part of the mountain range that she was climbing. She had a drive in her that meant she always wanted to go higher, further, faster. She'd left her family three years ago, venturing out to discover the world on her own. Her mother had been worried, her father had been proud, her brother envious. Looking back she hadn't known what she was getting herself into but she'd somehow managed. Once a year she met her family on a predetermined place. This year they'd told her to look for Dawn Cove, a new settlement at the shore that was a waypoint for travelling merchants. 
Kaladri knew she was cutting it close. Which was why she had taken the route straight across the mountains to start with. She'd wasted too much time in the settlements at the foot of the mountain, listening to stories and legends. But the stories had been unlike anything she'd heard about previously. Tales of gigantic water serpents and legends of other worlds where people fought living shadows with fire-breathing air salamanders. 
Now she was rushing to meet her parents. If she could just clear these mountains she should be able to reach Dawn Cove in a few days time over slightly rolling hills and some flat plains. If she was lucky she might be able to hitch a ride with one of the caravans running this route. 
If the place was nice she might just stay for a while to write down all the stories she'd heard. It had been a while since she'd last written down the stories she'd built in her mind. She had a good memory so she wasn't afraid that she would forget them, but she should be working on releasing a book sometime. She'd been travelling and writing for three years with nothing to show for it yet. The added bonus of hopefully staying close to her family for a few weeks spurned her on even more. That is if they could spare the time to stay in one place. But maybe they could barter with the other caravans before they set out again. 
Kaladri's little brother would be 18 now. He might be ready to set out on his own too. Knowing her parents they'd try to keep him closer for another couple of years but Bari wasn't as conscientious as she was. Maybe because he was a boy and was expected to strike out on his own. As if your gender mattered in how good you could take care of yourself. 
By now Kaladri had managed to reach the top of the ridge and she could see the water below, seemingly close by. In reality she still had some distance to traverse. But her pace would increase going down so that was something.
In the corner of her eyes she thought she could pick up movement in the water, all those stories about water serpents must have gotten her seeing things. Kaladri quickly shook her head and started climbing down. She'd better keep her eyes on the road or she might stumble and fall.
Two days later she was nearing the shore, the land angling slightly downward and getting rockier. Her parents had told her that Dawn Cove was growing fast so she wouldn't have to look for a few houses hidden among the trees. Looking at the road beneath her feet, she imagined they weren't hiding at all. Which meant they had enough people around to not be afraid of thieves. Most people didn't see her as a threat but it never hurt to be safe so she rearranged her knife and short sword to look like she wasn't looking for a fight. She hadn't needed either much during her last week of travel anyway. Maybe thieves just didn't think the waypoint had much to offer. 
Just a couple of hours later Kaladri could hear the sounds of humans. Hammers, metal clanking, the turning of large wheels. Coupled with the sounds of livestock, this told her she was getting close. Revived, she picked up her pace and trotted toward the sounds. She turned the corner in the road and found herself in a clearing that probably served as a central marketplace. Houses surrounded the clearing on three sides, built between the trees or on rocky foundations where the ground was uneven. But straight ahead she got a glimpse of the shore. The sight of a large green-blue creature had her fixed to the spot. Maybe she hadn't been seeing things after all...
Someone noticed her standing and asked: "Are you a visitor? Don't be frightened of the nekrats, they're friendly and helpful. Some even follow the caravans for added safety if they will travel along the shore. If they like you, they might even offer to take you to their world to have you bond one of their young."
"Excuse me?" Kaladri asked.
"Just go ask one of the locals and they'll tell you more." the person added and pointed her to some people who looked important and acted as if they were in charge. They probably were.
Maybe she'd stay here for longer than she'd had anticipated.


Guianeth was just thinking she wouldn't mind spending a few more weeks in the bay, being tended to by her mate Drizs, when she noticed the sudden change in her eggs. Small ripples and bubbles perturbed the waters. All signs her babies were trying to escape. Elated, Guianeth started a high-pitched hum. Drizs arrived within seconds and added his lower-pitched voice to the song and all over the island dragons picked up the chant. Below the surface, nekrats did the same and all who were close knew what was to happen. 
It took another half an hour before the first egg actually hatched. No-one knew how many eggs had actually been laid or what colours and features the offspring would have, but they were about to find out. A dark form sped just below the surface and other forms soon moved through the water. 
Closer to the shore Kaladri found herself besieged by a black, dark-blue finned sea dragon. The hatchling seemed a bit shy, but finally snuggled close to the young writer and silently whispered his name in the woman's mind.

Black-Blue Guirdith (m)


Guirdith popped his head above the waves and looked at his bond who was, as usual, telling a story to some children. He tried to get her attention but to no avail. Guirdith could call louder but he hated to catch her attention when she was busy, he could wait.
Later that night, he tried once more. But now Kaladri was writing out stories, working on her book. The book was very important to her. So Guirdith resolved to try again later.
"What are you sneaking around for?" Kaladri asked.
"It's nothing important." the black and blue sea dragon stated.
"It's important enough that you've been trying to talk to me about it for a few days now. I don't mind listening to what you want to tell me. You're important to me too." Kaladri told her bond.
"I've been meaning to tell you about this lady I've come across deep in the sea. She seems to keep away from just about everyone though."
"What does this lady look like?" Kaladri asked.
"She is a dusky red with a long neck and fancy flippers. She doesn't have a tail fin like me but she moves so gracefully through the water that she doesn't seem to be missing anything. She's horrendously shy though and always seems to move away before I get close to her."
Kaladri did a double take, Guirdith was about as shy as they got. So him calling someone else shy must mean they were a hermit or a recluse.
"She just likes to be by herself, I reckon."
"I'll see if I can find out more about her." Kaladri promised, "Someone else must know something!"

Intro - Mate

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