Name: Irma
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Description: Irma has blue eyes and brown hair that she usually keeps in twin ponytails. She is built for running and athletics with not an ounce of fat and wiry muscles. She has long limbs and is good at jumping and climbing. 
Personality: Irma travels around Gremyne delivering important notices that need to be treated confidently. She has a great memory and an iron will. She enjoys knowing things that no-one else knows and prides herself in the fact that she could actually make her profession out of her interest.  
Family: Parents live in her hometown, she occasionally stops by for a visit. 
Skills: Memorising messages, camping and hiding.
Pets: --


Irma nestled herself closer to the fire she had going. The evening wasn't exactly cold but the comfort of the flames had her feeling cosy and secure. She was currently on a vacation. The times had been peaceful and her services were not as much in demand as they'd been only five years ago. A noise alerted her that someone was approaching. Caution had always been her motto, so she slid away from the fire and into the undergrowth. Quiet as a snake, without disturbing the leaves she climbed a tree and waited.
A short and stocky man called out that he meant no harm and appeared near her fire. She was not about to trust him so easily though. He made himself comfortable at her fire and seemed to be waiting. Irma waited but there was no evidence that others were around. The man seemed to be alone. 
He suddenly got up though and went for the beach. Following him with his eyes, Irma watched as he talked to a strange red water-creature. They exchanged something and then left together. Peculiar.
She carefully climbed down the tree and returned to her fire, looking for anything the man might have left. Wary for traps she discovered nothing out of the ordinary. Only his footprints remained. 
"Hello, you there!" a voice called from the sea.
Irma froze. Maybe the two of them had returned and they had discovered she'd returned. But when she looked up and turned her head to the water she saw a green head poke up from the sea.
"Your friends left already." she called back.
"I was just a bit late then." the creature called back, "never mind, Leizuban is too good at playing hide and seek anyway. But I am tired. Could share some of your food with me?"
"Can't you catch your own?"
"Of course I can, but humans have yummier food so why should I not ask for it? You'll have my eternal gratitude."
"And how will that help me if you leave?"
"You could come with me? My name is Jawahdi."
Irma took her time to consider the proposition. She had nothing better to do and these creatures were the wildest thing she'd learned about for a while."
"I'm Irma. Nice to meet you."

Seaweed Jawahdi (m)


Jawahdi had stalked Leizuban for a while and they finally caught up with the other pair at Dawn Cove. Irma was startled to see that the red-haired man that had approached her fire was still with the other nekrat. 
"That's how the bond works." Jawahdi explained. 
"Why were you following them anyway?" Irma asked.
"It's fun. Leizuban is very good at playing hide and seek. When I catch up with him we switch roles. But maybe he's grown tired of our little game now that he has a bond. It seems he'll be returning to Syl'Neriss."
"Where's that?"
"Somewhere lost in the Elsewhere so you could say it's everywhere and nowhere. It's where we came from."
"Do you want to go?"
"Sure, it's been a while since I've been there."
"I wouldn't mind seeing your home."
"I believe Leizuban might be entering a race. Mind if I join it too?"
"Go ahead. I'll cheer you on."


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Nekrat adopted at Lantessama Isle