Name: Furase
Age: 23
Gender: male
Description: Furase has brown hair and brown eyes. He is on the small side for a man but does not take it to heart. He knows he has a big soul. He's very friendly and jolly. You wouldn't say he used to be a mercenary or assassin (when the pay was right) when you see him playing with the kids. He's recently grown tired of his work and has joined the caravan to start a new life. He is a very good tactician and an even better spy, making him a very welcome asset.
Pets: Shadow Ceadra Mojave (m)


Night had fallen and stars twinkled in the sky when one of the donated nekrat eggs in the bay started to vibrate. This early bird solicited replies from his four fellow eggs and together they started to shake and wobble. The stirring of the water grew until even the air dragons could not deny the awakening of new life. They started to hum a slow, submerged tune that was different from the sounds they made during a hatching, but not that different to the ears of humans.
The first egg to hatch was the egg that had first started rocking. The hatchling inside was impatient for sure. Like a very local thunderstorm the storm nekrat moved across the bay, searching for his bond, the orca-shifter Ira. As if they'd waited for the storm to bond the four remaining eggs all hatched at once. Little explosions of air made fountains of water as tails, heads and fins dove into air and water. A bright sand female looking pale in the moonlight, a female rock with a blue colour that seemed to blur the edge between water and night sky, a male green well with dark skin and green fins and lastly, a sapphire deep sea female that shone like a precious water gem whenever she jumped up from the water all swam to their chosen humans.
"Furase! Furase!" the sand called, "My name is Foertun!"
"Aren't you a happy little girl." the former assassin smiled.

Sand Foertun (f)


Lately Furase had been spending time with Joiy, one of the icelandic people, though there was something off about her. She wasn't the least bit normal. But then neither was he. He wondered if he'd ever grow used to the calm life he was leading at Lantessama. Now that Foertun was nearly full frown he'd most likely return to Dawn Cove to help set up the transport haven on Gremyne. He actually looked forward to find new candidates for the nekrat beaches but Ghelook seemed to think all they needed to do was wait and people would come.
"They will come." Foertun said, "But we can go look for them too, not everyone is as daring as us. Some people won't dare leave their homes without a little push."
"And are those people needed here?"
"If all it takes is a little push, then sure. But I want to ask you to stay a bit longer, rider mine."
"You know my hands are itching to get to work, Foertun."
"I know, but I would like to do enjoy my time here first and have a clutch. Ghelook thinks that would be a good idea."
"And just who would you be having this clutch with?" Furase asked, "It does concern me as well after all."
"Ghelook has volunteered." Foertun said, "You seem to like his rider too..."
"Like her yes, lov her I'm not sure. Half of the time I don't know what she thinks."
"Whatever she says is what needs to be said and whatever you ask she'll answer. Joiy isn't as mysterious as you think she is. She just knows a lot."
"Let me talk to her first and then we'll see."

Foertun found a mate in Blue Well Ghelook

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