Name: Finn
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Description: Finn is a sturdy, growing boy, who still needs to balance out; At the moment his legs and arms are a bit too long for his body, and though he's starting to fill out he looks more sinewy than muscled. He'll grow up to be of slightly over average height. He has dark blond hair and grey eyes. His face is angular with sharp features. 
Personality: Finn is only starting to know who he wants to be. He's put away childish fantasies of heroism and unrealistic wishes. In stead he's now searching to find a job he likes, a place to call his own and to become dependable enough to be respected by those around him. 
Family: Mother (Isha) and Father (Med) that live in a small farming village near the coast. They tend sheep and goats for a living. Finn has an older sister Bree. 
Skills: Can shear a sheep in 2 minutes, most cows instantly take a liking to him. 
Pets: Brown salamander "Dune" (from Gineya Isle)


Finn looked out over the vast fields near his hometown. To the east, the land fell down to the sea, forming rocky cliffs with small pebble beaches. To the west, south and north the plains continued. for several miles before the scenery changed. In the north they gave way to forest, in the west to mountains and in the south to dunes. All those natural boundaries meant that their little province of Gremyne was quite sheltered and safe. Finn's village wasn't the only one. There were about 5 village, all surrounding a larger town, but he'd been told it wasn't yet a city. Though Finn didn't know what else to call it. There were many streets, the houses stood closer together and the gardens were small. You could hardly plant anything so the townspeople relied on the villages for sustenance, trading other items such as clothing, cloth, glass, metal, utensils and other items. 
Finn did not want to live in the city. After some weeks of careful thinking, he knew he'd be happier in a smaller community, like the villages, where people knew each other and days were freer. After all, when you had a roof above your head and enough food to get by, there wasn't much else you needed to do.  
Finn supposed he could also herd sheep and goats. That wouldn't be a bad life. But he did want to try some other things before he settled down. 
As he stood up to g check on the sheep, his small lizard, Dune, slid down his torso and ran away. Startled, for the little lizard hadn't done that ever before, Finn quickly got up and set off behind the lizard. For now the lizard stood out against the grass, but if it were to get to the road it would be that much more difficult to keep track of it. Luckily the salamander veered to the sea. Though that didn't stop Finn's worrying as he now thought the salamander might just dive down from the cliffs. 
But as he got closer to the coastal cliffs, Finn noticed something unusual. Something blue and smooth that seemed to be what his salamander was headed for.
Finn approached and was surprised to see that the mound was an animal, but not like any he had ever seen before. The creature was blue with grey patches on it's belly. Had a ridge of darker blue spikes along it's spine and broad paws with claws. 
"Help." a feeble voice sounded in his mind.
Startled, Finn looked around but didn't see anyone nearby.
"Down here. Water. Take me." the voice sounded once more.
Never having been called slow or stupid, Finn did now realise that the voice came from the creature. But could he haul it the water as it appeared to be asking? It seemed rather heavy.
"I am a slender lady." the voice sounded with renewed vigour.
"Okay okay, but you might notice I'm not that much bigger than you."
"Get me some water and maybe I can save myself." the creature continued.
"And call me Guianeth. Not creature."
"Ok." Finn thought amused.
He skidded down the cliff and proceeded to fill his canteen with sea water which he brought back up and poured over Guianeth.
"I feel better already." she sighed and got up, hop-flopping toward the cliff where she proceeded to clumsily slide down and into the water. 
"Oh, I'll need you to come with me." she added, "to Dawn Cove."
"Where's that? And wait, I can't just leave..."
"It's just across the forest. And I can wait until you get things ready. After all we've connected now."
"Don't you feel it? We're now bonded. I'm sorry to do this without you having agreed to it."

Name: Guianeth
Race: Pernese/Dolphin Dragon
Gender: Female
Color: Blue-Grey (Guiana Dolphin)
Size: 26'
Size Class: Blue (Medium-Small)
Abilities: Telepathy, teleportation
Notes: They need to be near water, and they're quite honestly happier in the water than out, but they can hop around on the land with their flippers, like a sea lion.


Finn had been brought to Dawn Cove by his bond and had build a quiet life. As a young man with farming experience, he'd been welcomed with open arms and given a piece of fertile land without problems. Apparently being bonded to a dragon opened doors.
"We're good judges of character." Guianeth said.
"So I hear. Well I guess I'm honoured by your choosing me." Finn smiled.
Guianeth felt pleased and dove back down to do her sea dragon things while Finn busied himself with his plot of land. She'd noticed that lately he'd been eating out a lot even if he had all the essential vegetables right on his doorstep. But then, he had been selling a lot of those to the girl who'd opened up a restaurant not too far away. 
Her nekrat, a type of sea dragon with a lot of frilly fins, now swam up to her and offered some tasty-looking seaweed. Imagine that, bonds did act alike. 
Guianeth quietly accepted and followed the beige-brown nekrat to the patch of seaweed she could just as easily have located on her own. But having a little company never hurt anyone. And the quiet nekrat seemed like a friendly and caring sort. 

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