Name: Amalfi
Age: 25
Gender: female
Description: Amalfi has a tanned skin as she's been on the road or on the beach for most of her life. Her hair has lightened so much it is nearly white and her grey eyes add to the image of a weathered explorer. Thin and sinewy, she looks quite feeble but she is stronger than she looks. Easily strips our of clothing unless it's cold.
Personality: Growing up in the merchant caravan and then later at Dawn Cove, Amalfi is a free spirit. She is self-taught and quite convinced of the superiority of her own ideas. As soon as she was old enough, she petitioned to be allowed to leave Dawn Cove for the Nexus.
Job: Teacher. Liaison to the Nexus
Pets: -


Amalfi tried not to gawk as she stepped away from the Dragon Pact terminal. Far from what she was used to, the Gremynian native tried to act as though she'd seen it all before. Through her wonder, there was one thing she absolutely needed to find out:
"Where is the beach?"
She must have spoken out loud as someone started to give her directions but they were confusing. Whoever was speaking to her must have understood as she was told to wait and assigned a student guide from the academy. The young man was about her own age and told her a lot about Dragon Pact and his time at the Academy. He clearly thought she was a future student and Amalfi did not correct him.
In fact she was here on business. Dawn Cove listened closely and those with a yearning for adventure were gladly sent to those places just a bit more exotic than the continent or Lantessama Isle. Although Amalfi was a bit rattled to see just how exotic places could get.
To help further her home's incentive, Amalfi would gladly learn all she could. It was something she'd excelled at from a young age and her mind was already putting things together. Maybe if she played her cards well she'd be able to visit more of these places. In fact she could probably use her travelling as a means of finding more sea dragon clutches. If the nekrats wanted to link all of them to their network, they would need her help.
"You're such a good guide." she told him, hoping he would meet up with her later so she could learn more.
Hopefully she'd have plenty of time until then to sign up for the next water clutch.


Amalfi and a large group of others had been told to gather together and by the urgency of the request it was clear that the eggs were hatching. Amalfi had literally dropped what she'd been doing - she hoped her drink wouldn't stain the floor - and has set off running. Catching her breath, she looked out into the water and grinned.
Eggs! And plenty of them. The protocol was more strict than it was at Dawn Cove, but then everyone was family over there. Maybe that was also the influence of the Nekrats. Knowing everyone's lineage meant you were bound to find some communal ancestors and they took it from there. And with each new breed of water dragon, the family grew. Amalfi couldn't wait to join the ranks.
Much more mellow, a bright cyan blue coral dragon turtle moved toward her. He watched her with his large yellow eyes and finally
Amalfi realised that he wanted to go with her.
"Glaucus." he managed to say as that was the name he'd been given.

Name: Glaucus - "The Blue Sea Slug"
Gender: Male
Species: Coral Dragon Turtle
Origin: Dragon Pact 2024 MerMay Giveaway
Parent: Anthozoa
Personality: Lazy and relaxed, profoundly at ease where he lives and with whatever comes his way.
     *Body Type: long with 4 flippers.
     *Colour: Bright Cyan Blue with a lighter belly and terracotta shell.
     *Pattern: lighter spots on body
     *Size: Gargantuan as adult (20+feet at the shoulder, about 5 times as long)
     *Verbal Speech Can speak verbally/aloud. Have an instinctive knowledge of Draconic and Aquan.
     *Amphibious Can breath Air and Water with equal ease
     *Budding Reproduction Can reproduce asexually via budding from the coral growths on their shell.
     *Bigender Breeding Can both Sire and Clutch when breeding with another dragon.
     *Breath Weapon Water Shoots a jet of water from the mouth
     *Breath Weapon Ice Shoots Shards of ice from the mouth
     *Breath Weapon Water Shoots a jet of super heated water from the mouth
     *Natural Cure Can recover from conditions just as paralysis and poisoning within a short amount of time
     *Siren Song The ability to lull others into a sense of dullness and eventually to sleep via song.
     *Encourage Growth Can magically support and encourage the growth of nearby plant life.
      Especially effective on water based plants and even more so on things such as corals, anemones, ect.
     *Dark Vision 120ft Can see in total darkness as if it were low light conditions, up to 120ft
     *Low Light Vision can see in low light conditions as if it were brightly lit.
     *Magic Can learn to draw on their innate magic in the manner of a sorcerer.


Glaucus had learned to speak easily but didn't overdo it with the words. He was quite content just being and watching after all. His companion Amalfi was loud enouogh for the both of them anyway. Sometimes he wondered why she liked to be so important when it was much easier to just be.
But then, Glaucus had to admit that Amalfi got things done. And then he could reap the rewards by her side.
"Shall we return to Dawn Cove?" he asked.
"Briefly." Amalfi grinned, "I can't wait to introduce you to everyone. But after that we're going to travel!"
"That all sounds very tiring." Glaucus remarked.
"We'll take our time!" Amalfi promised, "I just want to see all these new places I've heard about."

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