Sunset & Sunrise

Sunset is a wily little elf who enjoys trickery. His preferred target is his sister Sunrise because she always reacts delightfully cranky to his pranks.

Sunrise is a fashionista with a short attention span. She follows the latest fads and has little interest in other things that go on in the world.


Squabbling Elves Cause a Ruckus
Sunrise took out the latest dress she'd had made and screamed. Instead of the classy creams and subdued blush pinks, the flowy dress was a vibrant mess of oranges, yellows and reds. Instead of the sleek, noble lines, it now rocked a short and puffy look. The dress was pretty but not what she'd wanted to wear. And she knew just who had done this.
"Sunset!!" she yelled, "Fix this!"
Her trickster brother appeared and laughed, only infuriating her more.
"But it looks so much better in bright colours. Besides this much you should be able to fix yourself."
This was true, but only served to rile Sunrise further. She shouldn't need to waste her magic on fixing her dress if he'd just not messed with it in the first place. Infuriated, Sunrise quickly charmed her closet to keep her brother out, though with his cunning and intelligence he would probably find a way around it. And just to hurt him, she devised a nasty little surprise for when he did.
Sunset basked in his sister's irritation but knew better than to egg her on even further. When Sunrise truly reached her limit the consequences were off world-devastation class. Besides, they had places to be. And being late would serve no purpose.
"Get your act together and follow me, sis." Sunset couldn't resist to tease and then he vanished.
Sunrise hissed but then followed because she too knew better than to arrive late, even f it was sometimes fashionable. One just didn't keep fate waiting.
Just in time, the two small faeries appeared at the Burrow where one impatient hatchling was ready to diss out punishment of her own. Farasyon rii Navisno lashed her tail, her fuzzy wing-tentacles quivering with held-back rage as she waited for her two caretakers to appear.
They had been designated to her and she felt not quite happy with the pair. But she would make this work. And those two better trat her right or she would make certain their lives would be hell instead of peachy sunrises and pink sunsets.
"Took you long enough!" she called.
"Don't you dare trick me." she added looking at Sunset and then addressed Sunrise: "And I'm not letting you dress me up. I might not breathe fire but I sure as hell wield it well."

Name: Farasyon rii Navisno
Gender: Female+
Colour: Black-Red-Yellow
Parents: Malasrian rii Navisno x Chime
Species: Volcano Demi-Spirit
Origin: The Burrow
Size: Size: 8'9" at the shoulder
Personality: Mean*, Skittish
     *Extended Lifespan
     *Fire Magic
     *Verbal Speech


A Skittish Dragon Causes Trouble
Farasyon teleported away from the latest spat from her two caretakers. They had raised her as best as they could and she had wanted for naught - except peace and quiet. But teleporting took care of that. Not that those times lasted long as one of the two inevitably found her.
But not today! Today she would make certain she would have a longer stress-free period. Her plan was flawless. And would only require her to fly. Any chaser she did not like would get hit, lashed or bitten - and not in the fun way.

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