Name: Rion
Gender: female
Age: young for an elf, around 40
Description: Rion is a slender, long-limbed elf with short cyan-blue hair, iris-blue eyes and gletsjer-blue translucent wings that are shaped like dragonfly wings. Like most water elves she is intuitive and mercurial. It's hard to get a read on her, let alone follow her way of reasoning. She does what she wants when she thinks of it. Planning is something she seldom does and looking back to reflect on mistakes is something that has never even crossed her mind. She lives for the now.
Powers: water-control, teleportation, telepathy
Pets: Lavender female Axolotl Vanya

Dragon: Isi-Khym'Vanya


Rion rushed above the waves. The weather was pleasant, the waves were interesting and the day was young. Rion was young for an elf and as thus still had a lot of time to waste and few responsabilities to waste it on. Life was freedom and freedom was religion. 
As a spark of life caught her interest, she lost her current train of thought and went to investigate. Rion left the deep waters and hovered above a shallow cove. Someone had hung bottles with water in the trees and they reflected the light, creating the sparks she'd noticed. Mystery solved, her attention moved on to the next thing that caught it. 
Which was a small sea turtle heading for the sea. Delighted Rion latched on to it's shield and followed the sea turtle as it dove below the water's surface and went ever deeper, swerving through colourful coral reefs, skidding across a sandy trench and weaving through a forest of seaweed. There the sea turtle seemed to want to rest a bit. 
Rion rose back to the water surface, shuddered herself dry with a quick beat of her wings and decided to try and see how far up she could go. Fast like a rocket she shot up, straining her wings, laughing with the joy of effort. When she felt her muscles give up she used her teleportation to shoot as far as she could go. Up, up, ever higher until she reached places where the air was cold and thin. How much father could she go? Keeping her attention a bit longer, she envisioned stars and winked away, appearing in the night sky of another planet. With no way of knowing exactly how far she'd gone, Rion abandoned the pursuit and started to explore the water below.
There was life here. Water-born creatures that seemed sentient and sent out messages that skidded across her mind. Inquiries, lullabies, messages not meant for her sensitive mind. Below the night sky, the sea was very much awake. Though dark and deep, some places shone with ilumination. Intrigued Rion dove below the surface and was rewarded with glowing signs, magic light orbs and vast treasure, all guarded by the creature that owned the errant thought.
She might just stay a while...


Rion flitted about in the pools of moonlight that illuminated just the upper layer of the darkness below. She would dive into the water but was wary to try as she felt some big presences close by. All around her younglings surfaced and found the people they wanted to join. Anf then suddenly, there was a voice in her head as well.
Rion!  Hey, Rion, over here!  Me!  I’m over here!  The light purple youngling splashed and waved at the elf to get her attention for a moment.  Your wings are shiny!  I’m Isi and I won’t let you leave me behind!

Name: Isi-Khym’Vanya, River Glass Shining

Gender: Male

Mother: Ymeri-Kiko’Shaval

Father: Khalak-Shon’Vanya

Abilities: Telepathy, Water Magic, Gravity Manipulation, Sympathetic Link

Personality: Stubborn, Diligent


After the hatching, everyone who wanted had been given an egg in stasis. Rion hadn't been able to resist the temptation to grab one of the smooth off-white orbs. Though, forgetting about it the next day, it had been Isi who'd carried the egg. And while the young Wheke Ika grew, he'd kept the egg close, nursing it until he was old enough to sustain the creature within. 
"I told you I could just take us to a suitable habitat." Rion said.
But you'd want to leave two days later. This egg is my responsability and I will decide when it hatches.
"I am interested in what will hatch." Rion said, shifting her attention back to the egg.
Isi sighed, blowing bubbles into the water and resigned himself to his companion's lack of attention span. Truth be told he could enjoy the weird travel patterns and her devil-may-care attitude was quite liberating. But he just couldn't leave a defenseless creature in her care. He himself had been quite able to follow her and keep the little water elf close. After all, he could call her half a galaxy away and presumably even farther, though he hadn't had to try yet.
Wait and see. Isi whispered and crooned as the egg started cracking. 
"It's squishy... and pointy... and it has wings." Rion chittered excitedly.
At least you're interesting enough. Isi nodded his approval.
What shall we name her? he directed to Rion. 
"She's got your colours so I'll call her by a part of your name you're not using. Here Vanya!"
Before Isi could protest that giving a creature your family name wouldn't be a great name, the little axolotl responded, appearing to like that name. Isi did consider that they were related and that Vanya was a good name. And it's not as if they'd be going to a lot of family gathers anyway.

Rion is a Candidate at planet Kynn
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