Starry Night

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Name: Starry Night
Gender: female 
Age: ?
Species: Fairy

Description: Starry is a small fairy with delicate gossamer dragonfly wings, white hair and a pale complexion. She has large dark eyes, a straight nose and a generous mouth. She is quite small for an elf but just as powerful as the others. 
Personality: Starry is usually happy to dance under the moon and stars, spreading her magical dust that grants dreams and creativity. Though her attention span is about as short as that of the other elves, Starry has been known to become infatuated with humans at times, following them and exposing them to too much of her dust, causing them to break (psychosis, manic episodes...).
Likes: the moon, the stars and the night sky
Dislikes: direct sunlight

Starry Night danced and twirled, glowing in the light of the moon and stars. She sparkled and spread her slightly luminescent dust over the homes below. The night was quiet, only a cat her witness as she continued her work. Work was maybe the wrong word, it was both her passion and her purpose to spread her dust. 
The elves of darkness were often feared for their affinity to the grim aspects of life and death. But dreams spawned in the night and creativity was sparked by the stars. So while the moon was out, Starry danced. Floating up and down, twirling and fluttering. Her long white hair moved in the breeze and her wings moved too fast to discern with the mortal eye. 
And suddenly there he was. A human man walked by beneath her. His dark hair slick and combed back. His eyes feverish and his movements awkward. Sloshed though he was, he was full of potential and Starry was drawn to him. Without actually meaning to, she followed him. And still she danced, urged by the moon above.
The man below turned and shouted, assaulted by the ghosts of his memories and the fear in his heart. Starry sighed wistfully as once again she had broken someone. If she left now he might still be okay she hoped. It's not like she wanted to break the humans, they were just so interesting that she wanted to get closer to them.
Starry winked away, led by the stars to a place she'd never been. She could move to the other side of the universe in the blink of an eye. It was the easiest form of movement for her. There was not a place she couldn't go as long as there were stars to cast their light on it. 
The fairy of dusty dreams appeared above a very different scenery than the one she'd just left. It was night here too. So she danced, illuminated by moon and stars. Only now she was not alone.
A bright spot of light detached from the moon and approached her.
"Who are you? What are you?" the yellow dragon with the sparkling hide asked her.
His gold horns shone like the sun but did not blind her, his wings were the colour of the fading dusk sky and his eyes the blue of pure mountain air. Starry could not help but be drawn to the dragon. She flew closer, 
"Starry Night." she introduced herself. Who are you?"
"Voonvech." the dragon told her, "He who speaks of the future."
"Tell me mine." Starry asked.
"I'd say we can find out together. Telling you might spoil all the fun."

Name: Voonvech ("speaks of the future")
Gender: Male
Size: 8'2" s / 42' l / 54' ws
Colours: body yellow-gold with white star markings; indigo belly armour; wingsails light purple with yellow edges; crest, rump and tail fluff darker purple; eyes blue; claws yellow, horns gold
Features: mixed hide and scale/armour skin, canine face with nose leather and external ears; head, rump and tail tuft fluffy; claws on forepaws visible; two leathery wings with 3 visible fingers; upcurved horns
   *6 (master) verbal speech
   *4 (strong) shiny flare attack, assisted firebreath, prediction
   *3 (good) dimension portal
   *2 (minor) empathy, invisibility, local teleport
   *1 (poor) tech use, telepathy (poorly used)
Parents: Starpath x Lipatan
Born Rookery Year 6, modified Taluns base

Voonvech waited below as his bonded fairy did her job. He pulled her back when she went too far, always knowing just when to act. Her sense of morality was a bit peculiar but then he could understand her interest and the urges it awoke within her. He wanted the best for her and he felt that the reverse was true as well. Her dust had little effect on him however so Starry felt like she couldn't pay him back for his considerate attention.
"I've been seeing a place repeatedly lately." Voonvech told her, "that usually means we need to go there."
"Is it nice? Does it have a moon?"
"Better yet, it has moons, plural."
Starry seemed to shine even more at the prospect of such a world.
"Let's go!" she called.
"Let's." Voonvech agreed.
It was not that he purposely not told her about the flight he'd be entering. After all predictions were a hazy thing at best.

Lantessama Isle
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