Kerish looked out over the moors below. The veil was thin in Scotland and his kind was often able to look and even travel to the place of modern day humans. Or at least that was what these humans believed they were. Kerish had seen a lot of times and different sentient beings. As long as there was lightning present he could attempt to peek outside of the elven realm. 
Kerish was as mercurial as his element. His interests seemed to burst from nothingness, only to be gone in the blink of an eye, like the flash of a lightning. One moment he could be laughing and friendly, the next he would knock your lights out. He wasn't the vengeful sort, but if you got Kerish angry you had better prepare yourself to face the consequences. If you managed to get away and see him in the pub a week later he would not speak of the arguement anymore. More than likely he'd forgotten about it by then. Kerish lived in the now. Being someone who jumped between time, he had a hard time planning ahead and keeping his facts straight. 
The red-haired, freckled elf might have been born on these moors if you were judging him by his colouring. But that's where the similarities ended. Kerish was small and slight, a pixie more than an elf under popular lore. He could change his appearance at will but hardly took the time. He was quite content to be his own self. Pointed ears, purple eyes, upturned nose and all. 
Lured by the static charge in the air, Kerish crossed the veil between the worlds and was immediately hit by the smell of ozone. The air was a bruised yellow as the sun was hidden behind the dark, broody clouds. Kerish inhalde deeply and let the energy feed his magic. Around him the wind picked up and the light grew dim. 
It wouldn't be long now. Rain started falling, drips at first, hard pellets after a short while. People had long since abandned the streets for the warmth of their homes and workplaces. But Kerish let himself get soaked through. The charge he'd smelled earlier was building and he'd play giant lightning rod in order to harvest that energy. The lightning hit him and in that instant he was all-powerful. His skin grew hyper-sensitive, his ears picked up sounds from miles away and his eyes did even more, seeing scenes from a million worlds. 
And then he jumped, reaching the place where he wanted to be next. He appeared there in a flash of light with crackling noises. Ozone permeated the air although it was a sunny day with not a cloud in sight. He'd taken in quite a lot of power and had felt it time to spend some more time beyond the veil. Lately he'd heard talk from other elves about dragons and the worlds of the nexus. Kerish felt that a closer inspection might be in order. 
He'd carefully planned to go to a place where he would be able to recharge his powers if need be. Clearly this world was not the same as the Earth Kerish frequented. With the large waterfall that plummeted down from the middle of the sky, passing three rings of inhabited settlements, from the islands floating in the sky down to the underwater cities. Kerish couldn't wait to explore. He'd been led to believe that the people here had knowledge of magical beings so he wouldn't have to hide what he was. And as a plus he might be able to meet a lot of other magical races that he hadn't been able to get close to before, as they too were hiding on Earth. 





Kerish is a Candidate at the Empyrean Stair
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Lantessama Isle