Name: Bella-Donna
Age: immortal elf/fairy/sprite
Gender: mostly female
Description: It's hard to say what Bella-Donna looks like. She has a fleeting presence and people who have met her don't always agree. A lot of them seem to speak about dark and muted colours, opulent fabrics and a slight sparkle. All of them agree that they remember a touch of flower petals. This elf seems to like changing her appearance but her MO remains the same. She seduces, subdues and then steals whatever it is she wants. Sometimes that's life essence, sometimes it is a jewel she covets, sometimes it is a kiss. Her tastes are as mercurial as her moods. She seems to harbour more than one personality within her. Depending on which version of her you meet, your might escape with your life intact. 


Bella-Donna fluttered through the evening sky. The light was turning the lovely shade of pink that meant people would come out to have fun. Bella-Donna cared not what world she was on. As long as she got what she needed she would stay here. Sometimes worlds ended up broken. Not by her doing surely, Bella-Donna knew better... at least when she wasn't in a daze of hunger or lust. No, humans had a way of trashing their own worlds. Bella-Donna would not take the blame for a few destroyed worlds when so many broke in the vast expanse of the universe. 
A flutter of movement drew Bella-Donna's attention. A flash of white and a bright red sparkle caught her eye. And suddenly they were there. Two presences that were as wild as hers. 
"Who are you?" she asked, "This is my hunting ground."
The white male with rainbow markings looked around and noticed her after an infuriating amount of time.
"You little butterfly. You should not mess with ones such as us."
The male had a haughty air about him which angered Bella-Donna even more. He sounded like he was a ruler, someone high above her. She'd show him.
But then the purple female with a mottle hide and golden spikes turned her eyes toward Bella-Donna.
"I see you are skilled." the dragoness spoke, "How about we settle this with a wager."
"A wager?" Bella-Donna asked, intrigued despite her irritation.
"If you win, we'll leave this place. If we win, you share." she said.
Bella-Donna didn't quite like it. The wager was geared toward making her think that she had the advantage. After all, if she did nothing, they would be here anyway. Cuation caused her to act. And Bella-Donna only knew one way to act. The petals of her dress and body exuded the alluring scent that ensnared others. The dragons resisted, but to no avail, she broke through their defenses and gained access to their minds.
Strangely though, they also gained access to her. 
"Ah." the purple dragoness thought, "We are bound now."
"Oh." the white dragon thought, "You are not that bad."
"Huh." Bella-Donna reasoned, "Maybe having a few partners in crime wouldn't be so bad."

White-Rainbow Daemosalth (Daemosal'isan) (m)
A proud and haughty male who stands out because of his white hide and rainbow scales.
He has no qualms about acting as a god to people - and not the forgiving kind either.

Poison-Gold Jadunath (Jaduna'isa) (f)
A sneaky and conniving female who likes to play games and make wagers.
She doesn't play fair so beware!


Parents: Green-Rainbow Akheth and Blood #2 Kagisir'isan
Type: 1/2 Pernese, 1/4 AAM Beast, 1/4 Infernal.
AAM Ranking: #2
Size: around 16' long
     *Breath Weapon (Fire), The ability to breathe a gout of fire. 
     *Fire Immunity, Invulnerability to fire. 
     *Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind. 
     *Teleportation, The ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind. 
     *Venomous Stinger, The tail-barb is venomous. 
     *Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words.
Origin: Abstract Destiny


Lantessama Isle
Background from Boogie Jack