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Male, 18
Satin is one of the more desired young prostitutes in the city-state of Raimic. The planet is very reminiscent of ancient Greece. It is a planet where male relationships are seen as a very normal way of behaving. It is also the main way for unfortunate street children (like Satin once was) to make a living. Satin was abducted from the street almost 5 years ago and has been pleasing the wealthy ever since. He is very attractive for his very feminine looks, grace and slender build. 

We meet Satin in an uncomfortable position, namely under a 200 pound gay judge who is busy getting an orgasm. Satin at that time is thinking of his lover Velours. They had kept their relationship hidden from the people running the bordello for obvious reasons of punishment. Velours, certainly the more male part of the couple had been trying to sway Satin to run off. He was confident that they could stay out of the way of large cities and settle down somewhere in the country. A very romantic dream that would have convinced Satin within a minute if it hadn't been for that other incident.
The incident... another youth had escaped and had managed to stay hidden for over a month, protected by a widow who fancied him. But he was found in the end. The monstrosities that were done to him I shall not elaborate on now (but they were bloody and frightening). This punishment has shaken Satin.
Then Velours gets caught hitting a client of his who had insulted Satin (all very romantic). His punishment will be the loss of an eye, which effectively sentences him to death (though eye-patches can be cool, no well-playing client wants to be seen with a punished prostitute). He is also locked up and guarded. Despairing, Velours then tries to kill himself with a discarded shard of rusty metal, the wound gets infected and he dies a slow and painful dead. In his dieing moments he sees Satin rushing toward him and whispers with his last breath that Satin should not mourn for him, but that he should get away before it is too late... before they'd get to him too.
Satin flees that same night, during the small burial-ritual his fellows plan for Velours. During the following weeks he strays around the country, often posing as a girl to get away from the authorities and finally gets found by a healing den searchrider.

Jailbaith hatched with only one thought on her mind: to have as much fun as she could without getting stuck with the consequences. She is a slight, slender dragoness with a youthful appearance and a flirty personality. She bonded to Satin as she felt he could use her sunny disposition, but also because he had quite a lot of experience even though he was still young. Yes, that made him just perfect for her future. Be careful boys, she's coming for you! This dragoness won't drag out her mating flights, she might just fly straight toward her chosen male, or go from one to the next, nobody said you should be picky. And don't worry, she chews firestone.

Satin's Greeny Gold Jailbaith (f)
Dam: Halutath, Sire: Ishioth
This purty little girl is just under the legal age, and will *always* appear to be under the legal age. Though she'll probably want to participate in a mating flight sooner or later... no wait, sooner, she might just get the male in trouble... :) She's around 22 feet long, and is bipedal. Twotones but mostly normal (probably Alskyran) colors will come from her eggs, depending on her mate.

Lantessama Isle - Healing Den
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