Name: Tegrid
Age: 27
Gender: Male

Description: Tegrid is a burly young man who seems a bit clumsy. He has a short, messy mop of blond hair, relatively small ears, a wide nose and pouty lips. Having long limbs and a broad frame means he has trouble navigating some of the book- or project clogged rooms. Tegrid makes certain to wear snug-fitting clothes so he doesn't risk getting caught on stuff (most notably important projects). 
Personality: Tegrid is a shy but social young man. He enjoys being among others and interacting with them. The lab area of the Vella Crean is usually bustling with activity and being a part of it is titillating. Tegrid doesn't talk much but keeps his ears open. He knows a lot of what others are working on and plays a big part in scientists finding each other's work. Somehow though, he never gets credit for that part of the discovery. For fun Tegrid likes to watch people from a distance. 
Short Bio: Though Tegrid likes being part of the Vella Crean scientists, he is pretty new to the team and is hardly allowed to do anything remotely close to being near important. Still, he hopes to learn and grow and to ultimately do important work. Getting in touch with Ghita will have a big impact on him which is why he'll join them when she and Brigg return to Lantessama as a Vella Crean Liaison. 

Pets: Sunset Light Court Firelizard Eventide (m) (Nexus Discord Giveaway by Dragonflight from Planet Kynn/The Empyrean Stair). 
Bond: Light Court Green Nilath (m) from The Vella Crean


While the Empress was away on business, daily life at the Vella Crean continued. Shy was tinkering in his labs, Ghita was there as often as she could to study and observe. Earning her the dubious right of Shy remembering her name. Tegrid looked on, feeling somewhat inadequate for still being no more than a "good worker" to Shy even when he'd been there longer than Ghita. But she was a force to be reckoned with and he at least knew not many people wouldn't remember her. 
Brigg meanwhile was growing increasingly worried about the lack of ethical thoughts the scientist seemed to have. Sure the projects asked him about it repeatedly and were very forthcoming about the way things worked at the Vella Crean. They often mentioned that Shy would study everything but ethics in his life. One of the scientists, a quiet and contemplative person named Onesto, often joined him for tea in the gardens to discuss.  
Life continued, but then a piece of the Vella Crean went missing. Confusion struck but it became clear all too soon that the Death Court had been spelled away by the interim leader. Nothing more could be said about it. What was done was done. So life at the Vella Crean continued.
And then it happened, Tegrid was called to bring the two scientists he'd been wporking closely with to the hatching sands. He found Ghita in the labs as he knew she'd be there. 
"I'll be there shortly." she waved him away and continued her work.  
Shy had An Idea, a marvellous Idea, and he was quite intent on having someone else prove it for him. Within minutes she lost herself in the research again, the impending hatching a tiny niggle at the back of her mind. Something to attend to after work was done.
Tegrid found Brigg in the garden and at least the student of ethics and morals offered no resistance. The two of them arrived at the hatching sands well in time. Tegrid checked the entrance several times until Brigg caught him and said:
"She'll come. Ghita won't disappoint, but she'll probably be late."
The two of them returned their attention to the hatching sands as eggs started to move and crack. Dragons hatched and started moving around, looking for someone to bond. A blood Court purple approached Brigg and sat down in front of him, already intrigued by the thoughts in the man's mind.
"Would you think a fox evil for killing a hen?" he asked.
"Only if the fox and the hen had been able to communicate properly first." Brigg mused, "although some people do attest to be able to talk to animals. But I guess they'd have trouble eating them. It's worth a little discussion, Shamanath."
Tegrid kept to the side, but he too found himself the object of a dragon's gaze. A very light green male, bordering on the colour of foam, stepped toward him and said:
"You are nice. My name is Nilath."
"Thank you for choosing me." Tegrid said, his voice choking a bit from emotion. Above them his firelizard chirped happily and even let out a little bugle to welcome his larger light court brother.  
Ghita turned up late. It was not her fault for the work had been so interesting. She huffed into the hatching sands when half the hatchlings had broken out of their shells, and there was one, very annoyed and disgruntled dark court queen who was Not Impressed.
“I don’t think I like this Shy very much.” She announced. “He kept you from me.”
The bond slammed into Ghita with force, as if now the little queenling was quite intent to make up for lost time. “You could have called, Rabtath.” Ghita answered, her tone slightly shaken. Wow. No one had quite properly captured the force of a bond.
Brigg and blood court purple Shamanath were waiting, the man wearing a beaming grin that seemed to spread from cheek to cheek. “Seems we won’t really need to take samples now, huh? We’ve got our own bonds.”
“One of each. It will be… interesting.” Ghita agreed.
“Each? You don’t have a Light Court.” Tegrid’s voice was soft with wonder as the male green hatchling snuggled close to his side, demanding that they go eat. Now.
“You’re one of us now, aren’t you Tegrid?” Brigg teased.
“Oh. Oh! I see.”

Name: Nilath
Court: Light
Colour: Green
Gender: Male
Origin: The Vella Crean Clutch #3
Personality: Nilath is a sweet affectionate male green light court who enjoys nothing more than being the third of this very happy triumvirate. He does try to push his rider to be a little bit more outspoken, and a little bit more aggressive, but as long as Tegrid is happy, Nilath is happy.


Tegrid and Nilath had joined Brigg and Ghita when they'd returned to Lantessama. He'd become Ghita's cleric and helped her when she returned to the Vella Crean, using his knowledge to aid her. Though she could be absentminded to the point of forgetting to eat and drink, she did acknowledge his presence and was thankful when he brought her food, water and blankets. 
"Helping people feels nice." Nilath beamed, proud of his rider.
"I wouldn't mind spending more time at Lantessama though." Tegrid said, having come to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the place.
Though they were definitely less advanced than the Vella Crean, they had everything he needed to feel happy. He was used to living on an island anyway so the place felt like the home he'd always lived on. 
"I wouldn't mind integrating a bit more." Nilath grinned, already planning on chasing a few of the females who would rise soon.


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Lantessama Isle
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