Legend of the Loreley

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Name: Brandt
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Description: Brandt is tanned because he spends most of his time outside. He has sleek brown hair and brown eyes. He wears practical clothing that's been mended a lot. Somewhere in the story he has the bad luck of meeting his untimely end but he gets revived by some whim of a passing god(dess) and must now spend eternity as a cold and pale corpse with black hair and eyes. 
Personality: Brandt is a soft and quiet youth who enjoys being out at sea while fishing. Though the men often fish together, they don't speak much which suits him just fine. Brandt never imagined his life beyond sailing, marrying his sweetheart and building his own family. Seeing his ideal future vanish has left him bitter, but has also opened his eyes to the limited thoughts he had as a human. Feeling a bit vengeful he seeks to do much more, be much more and find happiness in his current predicament.
Quirks: Brandt was quite scared of the dark, but he's learning to cope.
Hobbies: Looking at the sky and sea. Now: star- and moongazing. 

Bond: Pale Copper Giarunth from Isla Weyr 



Brandt took Lore's hand and squeezed gently. They'd been apart for years and had changed considerably. They weren't the innocent teenagers that had vowed eternal love anymore. But they'd been slowly getting to know each other again. Brandt was happy to know that the old Lore was still around, even if the current Lore was more explosive and more powerful. 
Brandt hoped Phillippe had gotten rid of the cursed stone. But even now when it was gone, Lore kept her unhuman powers. Maybe the stone had transferred it's curse to the girl and that was why they'd been able to seperate them when they hadn't been able to before. It was something they'd have to learn to cope with. 
Eggs started cracking and Brandt could almost feel the spirit of the deceased gold mother of the clutch entering the room. Maybe he was just imagining things but what had changed him seemed to have made him more sensitive to the nature of death. 
The first dragonet to hatch was a dawn, dark purple as if the sun was but a promise of the light to come. The second to make his choice was the pale copper who went unerringly to the undead sailor, Brandt who glanced around for the one man who had brought them here and had promised to try to help the situation he and Lore were in. However, Philippe was not there and with Lore's push, he accepted Giarunth who followed him out of the Hatching Grounds with proclamations of how hungry he was. Lore was left to wait alone.

Name: Giarunth
Gender: Male
Species: Pernese Dragon
Colour: Pale Copper
Size: Brown, length 61' 1", height 11' 12"
Personality: Sincere, practical, Content


Lore was still waiting to bond at the next clutch while Giarunth grew and started training. The sincere and practical nature of Giarunth made that he was a good student. But more than the weyrling training, their minds were focused on returning Brandt to life. Phillippe was doing his best, but Brandt was waverng. Sure he'd like to be able to walk in the sun again. And having a body that healed itself was practical. But with Lore's changes, Brandt was hesitant to lose his undead status. 
"Things will work out. I'm here for you." Giarunth told Brandt.
A warm, supportive feeling spread through Brandt. Feelings he'd thought long lost had started returning after bonding the dragon which was a blessing. 


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Lantessama Isle
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