Team Orbit


Name: Ozwel
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Description: Ozwel is a quiet and unassuming young man, but his passion for riding a dragon is great and he will give his all to complete the training. He is loyal and trustworthy and once befriended, will not hesitate to help.
   °build and height: on the smaller side for a man, but trained.
   °strength and endurance: good endurance, regular strength but will train if necessary
   °nimbleness and manual dexterity: has quick reflexes
   °intelligence and education: not overly smart, but able to make quick decisions
   °communication and charm: a quiet young man, shy
   °courage and aggression: idealist but without aggression, constructive rather than destructive
Skills: hunting, tracking and riding
Abilities: fast thinking and deducting
Duties: Hunter at first, will shift to Main Rider

Name: Rapiul
Age: 47
Gender: Female
Description: Rapiul is a woman with experience. Her kids have left the house, her husband isn't in the picture anymore and she's ready to start a new challenge. She never expected to finally fulfil a lifelong dream she had thought impossible because of her fear of heights.
   °build and height: average height and sturdy, slightly overweight
   °strength and endurance: can move mountains and doesn't complain
   °nimbleness and manual dexterity: very handy with thread and needle, lacks technical skills 
   °intelligence and education: more practical than smart, basic education
   °communication and charm: states things plainly, open and direct 
   °courage and aggression: normally calm but will protect her team fiercely
Skills: cleaning, cooking and everything else domestic. She's got years of experience. 
Abilities: -- 
Duties: Cleaning and Cooking, Keeping to the Schedule (Time Management)

Name: Bian
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Description: Bian is a trained doctor who has been seeking a new challenge after some unfortunate happenings that caused him to turn away from traditional medicine. He has quite a few years of experience and is perceptive to the state of those around him. 
   °build and height: tall and slender, sinewy
   °strength and endurance: endurance over strength
   °nimbleness and manual dexterity: very good with his hands, sensitive
   °intelligence and education: intelligent and well-educated
   °communication and charm: uses difficult words when talking but can charm when necessary
   °courage and aggression: would rather work from the shadows than on the front line
Skills: diagnosis, anatomy and healing
Abilities: very sensitive senses that aid in his chosen career
Duties: Healing and Caregiver to both Dragon and Team

Name: Ivke
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Description: Ivke is a young woman with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She learned early to use others' motives for her own wishes and seek out those that would be helpful to her life. She is independent and strong-willed but knows to hide these traits. 
   °build and height: slender and light-weight but very flexible
   °strength and endurance: stronger than she looks, has a strong grip.
   °nimbleness and manual dexterity: flexible rather than nimble, can be clumsy
   °intelligence and education: self-taught with very good insight and awareness
   °communication and charm: glib talker, charming and entertaining while plotting
   °courage and aggression: will sway things to go her way rather than openly take action
Skills: logical thinking, manipulating of people
Abilities: great intelligence
Duties: Tactician, Secondary Rider

Name: Torrin
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Description: Torrin is a man that stays out of trouble, he doesn't concern himself with others generally but will make an exception for the members of his team has he made a commitment with them. That might have to do with a certain motherly woman that can defrost his attitude. 
   °build and height: short and slender, hardly any fat on his body
   °strength and endurance: not very strong, not very fit
   °nimbleness and manual dexterity: very handy, can fix just about anything
   °intelligence and education: learned through observation and trial
   °communication and charm: gruff at first, but warms when he gets to know people
   °courage and aggression: prefers to keep out of trouble, ignores things that don't involve him
Skills: repairing things
Abilities: --
Duties: Crafting and Repairing Gear, Maintenance of Living Quarters


Ozwel pulled his little skiff on the beach and took the net with the fish he'd caught. He'd been living his entire life on this small island, in a small village where everyone knew each other by name. Everyone in the village had a task and together they survived and even modestly prospered as shown by the amount of new children being born. Ozwel was a hunter and fisher, one of the people who provided food. Others were farmers, some crafters and others yet traders. 
As the young man approached the village, a dragon flew by overhead. In his mind, Ozwel was up there with them, soaring. The dragonriders rarely landed near however. But each time Ozwel saw one flying overhead, he wished with all his heart that they would land and tale him to a caer to bond a dragon. He might also be willing to go bond a gryphon or a sea dragon, but if he was honest, a dragon was who wanted to bond to. Soon he'd be too old to stand though. Maybe because of that fact, Ozwel was extra desperate with his wish. 
And something seemed to finally happen as the dragon swerved and slowly started to descend into lazy circles. Ozwel ran as fast as his legs would carry him and headed home, the net of fish slapping against his back.

Rapiul heard the commotion and knew by the sound that something unusual was happening. She was a seasoned woman and mother and knew what excitement sounded like. Her husband had died a few years ago, drowned in a storm and she'd put everything into raising her two youngest children. Now they too had left her home, though under happier occasions. All five of her children had found love and were starting there own families. Her nest was empty but it would fill again with grandchildren.
As Rapiul stepped outside she instantly recognised what the commotion was about. It was hard to miss the large dragon looking for a place to land. People were waving and shouting and gesturing to the meadows outside of the village. A soft pang of regret in the middle of her chest was ignored. Thoughts of how she'd once had had the opportunity to try to bond a dragon hidden in a small, secret part of her spirit since she'd been married. Her fear of heights had kept her from leaping to the chance then, her impending marriage a convenient excuse. Some nights she wondered about what her life would have been like but she never regretted the years spent in her village. Still, she could not resist going to see what the draconic visitor wanted.

Bian was travelling, looking for a place to settle after he'd abandoned his previous home. Pressure and limitations had caused him to lose faith in his abilities. Maybe he'd chosen the easy way out by leaving, but it had felt right at the time. He was not bound to anyone, had no children and his reputation was shot anyway. 
Bian had visited many of Alskyr's islands, moving from one to next. He told himself he was looking for a new home but he sometimes feared he was just trying to put as much distance as possible between himself and failure. He wondered if he would just keep running and never use his skills again because of one misdiagnosis. If he was fair it had been out of his hands, but others would not see it that way. As a doctor he should always double-check, even if that meant not trusting what people told him. It was a lesson he'd taken to heart. 
A shadow crossed over him, Bian looked up and saw the dragon lowering. Maybe the dragonrider would be willing to give him a ride to one of the neighbouring islands. Bian felt like running a little longer. 

Ivke rushed out of the workshop when the shouts about a dragon reached her ears. She'd never seen a dragon up close and would not waste this chance. She'd always felt that she was meant for more than being in this village. She'd grown up in a normal household where no-one seemed to understand her. They all just worked in the village and thought she would grow out of her childish dreams. So she'd learned to keep her dreams for herself and build a strong foundation for them in secret.
Presently she'd apprenticed at one of the craft guilds. Within half a year she hoped to join on of the traders and then she'd be able to travel to the surrounding islands. And who knows, maybe she'd meet someone there who would take her even further. Her plan was one for the long run, but she fully intended to reach her goal. 
But no-one would think it odd that she wanted to see the dragon, everyone else in the village would be pushing to get close to it. And maybe, just maybe, she would stand out among the others. Maybe today would prove to be a shortcut to her dream. 

Torrin had been repairing a roof when the dragon seemed to start to land. He followed it briefly with his eyes but then returned to the roof. No good would come from abandoning his work. The air felt like rain and a leaky roof would be a serious concern for the people living there. He was old enough to have seen dragons before and definitely old enough to know one would not look at him. They had plenty of good handymen in the caer so his skills weren't needed.
Torrin's mind returned to the task at hand and the dragon was all but forgotten. That is until it landed just outside of the village, only a couple houses away and nearly sent him tumbling from the roof with the displaced air from it's wingbeat. Scowling, Torrin looked up, straight into the dragon's eyes. Something seemed to call him, but he'd be damned if he'd go flock around the dragon like the others in the village did.

People gathered around the blue dragon and his rider, thrumming and whispering, but keeping a respectful distance. 
"Goodday everyone." the dragonrider called out, "I've been tasked with finding candidates for the clutch at Blackstone Caer. My dragon has informed me that likely candidates are to be found here."
Cheering and excited whoops resounded, the voice level escalating and then dieing down when the rider signalled for quiet. 
"Please give me a little room. The dragon mother of this clutch has requested teams to stand for her eggs, believing they are special and will need a lot of specialised care. This also means we won't just be looking at young people."
More gasps and whispers ensued at that message. It was about then that Ozwel appeared at the village, fishing net still on his back. His eyes met the dragons' and for a brief moment he felt like it spoke to him.
"Ah, this young man will definitely come." the dragonrider called out. 
The blue dragon cast his glance over others and pointed out more people. The awestruck Rapiul who would not forego this chance a second time. The stray traveller who would be getting his ride. The intelligent Ivke who wanted to explore the world and last of all, the grumpy repairman on the roof who was as tough as the nails he worked with. 
After the choice had been made, the dragonrider bade the candidates to get their things in order and promised the others that he might be back for one of the coming clutches. 



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