Lantessama Isle - Festival

A chill wind is coming down from IceLand and the sound of bells and carols fills the air. Reindeer dragons have gathered to clutch on Lantessama Isle and all estimates suggest that their eggs might just hatch on Christmas Eve. 
Practical information: No restrictions on this clutch, send in whatever you want. There might be some up for adoption like with the Swamp Light Clutch. There are 9 templates in this clutch and I'll be having fun individualising as many of the hatchlings as possible so everyone should get something that's mostly unique. Hatchlings will carry a mix of traits and powers from their parents and some might be getting some new ones. 

(Preview of the Avarelle x Donner pairing)

Read the Rules and send in a form.
Interested in a mating flight so you can occupy the sands next?


Name (sex/gender) Preferences
Goibniusmitanth (m) no preferences
Nen'trong Houtalli (m) no preferences - relative of Nola
Panu'meri Steamfont (nb) no preferences
Snowstrides Lightly (nb) duobond? - relative of Cedany
Moss Hoofwing (m) needs someone to help him be assertive
Frost Hoofwing (f) needs a right-hand man
Sweetbee Furscale (f) a guard or two?
Iceflake Furscale (m) --
Fleethoof Furscale (m) strong or feisty bond
Naek (f) no preferences, looking for (the start of) a herd
Payi (f) looking for wintry powers
Toivo (m) looking for a guardian who likes posing for pictures
Keryk (m) playful and social reindeer 
Havoy (m) reindeer with a love for minerals/gems
Durya (f) something mysterious/otherwordly
Guryn (m) poetic leader
Yavis (m) outdoorsy loner, looking for his roots
Xandrya (f) needs either a sidekick or a reindeer with cover-up skills
Giye (m) needs a bond who can help make decisions
Saryn (f) a bond to compliment Yzel, strong and friendly
Rygha (f) either  a bond she needs to protect or a big burly bond
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