Clutch 1


Meliva watched over the black pulsating orbs that were her children and let out a short, content sound. Her rider, Kyara was busy grooming herself in front of a mirror.
"What is it, Meliva?" she asked.
"They are ready." The air shadow queen remarked with an odd pulsating of her form that meant intense pleasure.
"Then we should call the candidates." Kyara nodded, "Donriven dear! Lucas dear!"

15 minutes later all candidates were present. There were five and as usual they formed quite an odd band. there were two humans present, Diederik a male bountyhunter and Sona, a young woman out for revenge who was already acquainted with several of Lantessaman riders. The others consisted of a female dwarf covered in dark fur standing 3 feet tall, Xention a shadow bunny from the Bunny Run and Ithyl, an Arano. She had a fox-like appearance, but stood tall like a human anf had bat wings on her back.
When all of them had calmed down somewhat the eggs started moving. The air got filled with a quiet, heavy atmosphere, weighing down on the spectators. The first egg shattered and out popped a large air shadow. He stretched his wings, roared and looked Ithyl straight in the eye.
"I like what I see in your mind." He said, "My name is Uscovin."
The next egg to break revealed a sea shadow. He was large and struggled with a remainder of his egg. But he would not accept help from any of the gathered candidates. To receive help was to show weakness. He did not feel like he needed anyone. And in the crowd he found one that reflected those sentiments.
"Sona." he said, "Together we can make your wish come true."
The obstructing piece of blobby substance burned to a crisp within seconds.
Two more eggs shattered and a big land shadow snarled as his smaller medium land sibling fell in front of his feet.
"Get away." the big said, "Now." and gave the medium three seconds to clear the space in front of Jovanka.
The medium land meanwhile found shelter with Diederik, the bountyhunter and lashed his tail and wings out to whomever was close.
"I don't like him." Warvisz growled, "But I will get him one day."
And the medium's eyes shone with a kind of malice that was unusual in his kind.
One egg remained in the middle of the room. It took a while, but finally it shattered, causing blobs of cool liquid to rain down upon the people unfortunate enough to stand in the front lines. A small land shadow appeared where the egg had been and within seconds he hurled his translucent self around the last remaining candidate, Xention the shadow bunny.
"My name is Ascenzis." echoed through the cavern.
And then, the hatching was over.

Ithyl and AIR Black Uscovin (m)
Sona and SEA Brilliant Yomnsucz (m)
Jovanka and LAND Big Griscoz (m)
Diederik and AIR Medium Warvisz (m)
Xention and LAND Small Ascenzis (m)