Flight 21

Dusky Foliage Darainth and Rain Troponith

Kinar kissed Annick, feeling less embarrassed every time that he needed to stand on his toes to avoid her having to tip her neck down. He let his hands run through her black hair and gently pressed her back, causing her to shiver and lean into him.
"Wait for the flight!" Troponith called.
"No consuming before you've moved in together!" Darainth added.
"What are you? Parents from the stone age time?" Kinar asked.
"A kiss doesn't hurt, does it?" Annick asked.
"He was definitely going to take it further than a kiss." Troponith boldly said.
"You were too." Darainth chided Annick.
"Maybe we should elope." Kinar sighed.
"Only three more days before we move in together and they have their flight." Annick smiled.
"That doesn't sound long, but some parts of me whisper that it will be an eternity of suffering." Kinar sighed and turned to the doorway, "Hey you two, where are you?"
"Sunning Spot." Troponith said.
A grin appeared on Kinar's face. "Too far away to stop us you mean."
Laughing he pulled Annick away and the two of them ran off like children caught stealing candy. Hiding they only noticed through their linked sensations that not much later a dusky green female swooped up in the air, chased by a series of blues and browns, lead by a very determined, very needy Troponith