Easter Clutch 2007

Eggs lay scattered across Lantessama Isle. Not just dragon eggs, but other types as well. Chicken eggs, chocolate eggs, sugar eggs and reptile eggs. Just about every type of egg was there and most of the residents had a hard time moving around without breaking anything. So maybe it was good that the Easter hatching was scheduled for that same afternoon. The eggs would either hatch or be eaten and whatever was left woumd be disposed off by the end of the day.
The candidates were all human this time around. Three of them had been found on earth, the remaining two were runic warriors. They gathered without much distraction and waited patiently for the signal. The egg hunt was surprisingly calm and uneventful. Each of the candidates took one of the ways leading onto Lantessama. Carrying chocolate they all felt fate would lead them to the right egg.
The first to find an egg was Ehwaz who'd opted to take the route to the nekrat bay. He'd barely gotten there when he saw blue ears skidding away from the open sand. Following the road down he noticed eyes watching him, stalking him.
"If there's no bunnies here I better take my chocolate and go elsewhere." the blond hazel-eyed warrior sighed.
A blue bunny jumped onto the road in front of him yelling: "I'm here! I'm here!"
Nearly pulling the chocolate from his hands the bunny added with a full mouth: "My name is Juik."
Stavros, who had taken the road that led to the flitter beaches was the second to run into a dragon. Just as he turned the corner following the mountainwall did he see a brightly coloured ochre creature. It had wings in stead of forelimbs and walked upright on it's two hind legs. In stead of a long tail it had a tuft of feathers. It's entire skin was marbled in a flowery pattern.
"Are you a dragon?" Stavros asked.
"Of course I am!" the chick replied, "My name is Hibiki."
Shalla and Cedros who'd started off together split up near the infirmary. Shalla took the eastern road leading to the Ceadra dunes while Cedros walked on to the Northern edge of Lantessama. Shalla was the one who got to the eggs fastest. One large egg lay in a circle of smaller eggs. Some of these smaller ones had already hatched, but other had not. Picking up some additional chocolate to lure her dragon with, Shalla waited.
When nothing had happened for ten minutes she gently tapped the eggshell as if asking permission to enter, or to wake up whomever was inside. Finally the egg stirred. It shook quietly and then fell apart. A yawning green floppy-eared dragoness fell out.
"You called?" she asked.
"I'd like to bond."
"Do you have chocolate?" the bunny asked.
"I do." Shalla laughed and wondered if she'd been rejected if she didn't have any.
"Of course you would have. Imagine trying to bond a bunny without chocolate! How silly would you have to be? I need to look out for myself too. My name is Celarent by the way."
Wunjo, a red-haired green-eyed runic strategist from a wealthy family, had walked for some time when he noticed a forest on his left hand side. Shrugging he decided he could just as well walk between the trees to look for eggs. He passed a greenhouse and then suddenly embarked on a clearing that was full of little plant-like creatures. They did not seem to take note of him, just skidded away when he came to close.
When Wunjo had passed the field he looked back up again and stood face to face with an aqua coloured chick dragoness.
"You must not be a very good warrior if you did not spot me come." she told him.
"Well, I was looking..."
"Yeah yeah, you're friendly. I know that, it's one of your better features. We'll have to work on your awareness though."
"We bonded already?"
"Sure. I'm pretty hungry anyway."
Cedros, the last remaining candidate had finally reached the Northern edge of the island. He headed for the watchtower seeing as there was little else he could use as a landmark. As he was walking he suddenly heard the tell-tale sounds of cracking eggshell. He looked around but did not see any eggs. But he had heard the cracking. Taking a second look he suddenly noticed two purple ears pointing up from a large clump of tall grass.
"Come out, I see you." Cedros tried.
To his astonishment the dragon actually did rise from it's hiding place and said: "You found me, you must be good at this."
"I played a lot when I was younger." Cedros shrugged not daring to tell the dragon he'd given himself away with his ears.
"My name is Darapti." the dragon nodded, "I shall like playing with you."
"I'm looking forward to it." Cedros replied politely.

Shalla and Green Celarent (f)
Cedros and Purple Darapti (m)
Ehwaz and Blue Juik (m)

Wunjo and Dark Aqua Fruktish (f)
Stavros and Ochre Flower Hibiki (m)