1) You can adopt a dragon in 4 ways on Lantessama.

a) You write a story about a candidate and how he/she/it got to Lantessama. Candidates can be off all ages and species, but should be able to take care of a dragon (adolescence, equivalent of 15 human years) and able to spend at least a 4 or 5 decades with the dragon. So a human candidate would be accepted if they're ages 15 tot 30. Shadow Candidates need to be able to handle a shadow dragon (which means having a strong will).

  b) You send in a sponsored/adopted dragon you own to find a companion/mate.
  c) You can sponsor a dragon. This means you make a page with a description of the place the dragon will be living.

d) Double bondings. They're rare on Lantessama, but happen on occasion during a Nekrat hatching. They're also not unseen during festival hatchings where even previously paired riders can attract a new dragon (if the 'old' dragon is mature and accepts the new dragon that is).

2) Please indicate what type of dragon you're hoping for (e.g. Pernese, colour, gender, names) in the comments box. For more info visit the Library.
3) Notify me if you're going to move a page so I can adjust the link.
4) Please put the different stages (baby, adult) up within a month of receiving it. Exceptions can be made if you ask me.
5) There is no limit to the amount of candidates you can send in. Only 1/3 of a clutch can be sponsored though.
6) Please link back to Lantessama Isle (
7) You'll have to JOIN the yahoo mailing group.


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