Morning Fog River
Alphabetical Listing
...............NAME............... ...G... AGE° ..............POWERS.............. ..SPECIES*.. CARETAKER
Wrapped Phoenix ALANDRA F A Paint the sky at Sunsets Ds/F --
Desert Rose 
F A Look inside and know secret desires Ds/P --
Lavender AMY LAVENCE F A Dance the day away B --
Hypno ANGELINE F A Hypnotise humans and lull wild animals Q --
Skelet Guard ANGELIS F A Sense enemies and threats in the vicinity N/In/W --
Purple BUBBLY F A make ripples and bubbles B Kathy
Crescent Moon CELEST F A Float soundlessly through every medium N Lilith
Jugendstyl CRYSTAL F A Make gems out of nothing P/R --
Cute DAWN M A Take away the strain of travelling G/D/W Timalie
Mist EBON SHADOWFIRE M A Vanish in a puff of smoke G/B --
FORGE EDEN M A Heat metal and create steam around him. M/F/R/
Pebai Cn'eni
Smokey EMBERSPIRIT M A Shroud himself in mist F/A Ash
Furry Sun FLAME M A Blow flames F/D Mesgri
Lightning FLASH M A Shoot bolts from his tail L --
Spikey FROSTSTAR F A Launch icey beams from eyes I --
Scissor GAMBIT LANOR M A Cut through all materials M --
Glider Sixling ROOD M A Command Fire D --
Glider Sixling GEEL F A Command Light D --
Glider Sixling GROEN F A Command Earth D --
Glider Sixling BLAUW M A Command Ice D --
Glider Sixling PAARS M A Command Air D --
Glider Sixling VIOLET F A Command Emotion D --
Colourful HARAKI F A Summon rainbows B Mina
Dragon HITARU M A Breath fire D --
Sharp ICICLE F A Create snow flurries I --
Astral JETT LAVENCE M A Teleport items to anywhere he wants D --
Janus KAORI F A Freeze with a single touch I/J --
Darkness KOMS F A Move through dimensions N/D --
Fire-Joker LOEKI M A Create and Juggle small balls of Fire F/J ??
Voodoo MAGNIA F A Feel the Living F Ember
Maiden MARGAERY F A See the Future Q/P Asranil
Bedouin MEIA M A Veil the truth DS/R --
Tree OAK F A Make plants grow P CU
Webbed PAM F A Swim w the speed of light W Kirsty
Marble PARADISE F A Bring joy to the heart K Malachite
F A Lure people into her traps Q/Ds Pharaoh
Kitty QUETTEO LAVISH M A Cause sleep by purring An/B Cherry
Djinni RAEL M A Call out fog and steam A/F/G --
Cherubun RINI RIAGO F A Create chocolate out of thin air An/B --
Stone ROCKY M A Camouflage himself in rocky areas R Keanu
Red RUBIUS M A Forest guide R/B Flint
Pagan Skeleton SANGUIN M A Command Bone/Ivory to his will. G/N/In --
Angelic SELENE F A Illuminate the last darkness A/P Avari
 Cutey SHADOWFIRE M A Shoot cold blue flames that chill you to the bone G/F Raven
Starlight Red SORCERESS F A Star-Magic An/B/N Ela
Pastel SPIRITCLOUD M A Make people deaf with his screams A Cirrus
Dude TROPICO SURF M A Cause tidal waves W --
Firedress UR'IKTAR F A Heat items enough to catch fire D/F/An --
Venomous VALENTYNE F A Make and Cure Poisons Q/P --
Paradise bird VORTEX M A Open portals to other dimensions G/W --
Ruby WHITE SPIRITHEART F A Can shape raw gemstones into jewellery G/B/M/W Lucy
Grape WILLOW M A Make people drunk and happy P --
Frosty WINTER F A Break glass with her screams I/W Glacial
Black Scorpion ZWARTJE M A Create small twisters An/In Samhain

°A: Adult,  C: Caterpillar,  P: Pop
*A: Air,  An: Animal,  B: Butterfly,  D: Dragonfly,  Ds: Desert,  F: Fire ,  G: Ghost,  I: Ice,  In: Insect,  J: Joker,  K: Kolibri,   L: Lightning,  M: Metal,  N: Night/Moon,  P: Plant,  Q: Princess,  R: Stone,  S: Special,  W: Water