Name: Zishi
Gender: male
Age: 19
Key Words:
intellectual, distant, inquisitive

Zishi sat behind his desk and read. He'd been reading for days and he would still be reading for many days to come. He was a scholar, a person who wanted only to read, learn and write. Currently he was busy on a thesis that would allow him a promotion. With that promotion came a higher pay, but more importantly, he'd get access to knowledge that had been locked away. Zishi could not imagine anything more precious than hidden knowledge.
He stood up from his desk and ventured to the library where he wanted to look into some books, maybe make a copy or two to take with him. He was lost in thought and hardly noticed the people he passed. In his mind he was going over his findings yet again. Wicena sure were amazing...
And for someone to be invited to the vale was surprising as well. Well no, people got invited to stand in front of the eggs, but an invite to study was not common at all. The last scholar who'd been given that privilege had died two decades past. But now Zishi'd be able to finish the work.
"Excuse me." A voice said.
Dazed, Zishi looked up and met the eyes of Flint, bond to Air Whirl. Zishi had received a lot of information from Flint, especially since his Wicena Whirl had only recently parented a clutch of eggs.
"Yes?" Zishi asked.
"I was told to tell you you're allowed to look at the eggs." Flint said.
"I can?!"
Zishi felt immensely pleased. Only a select group of people was allowed with the eggs. Bonders of course, but aside from them the leaders of the vale, the bonds of the parents of the clutch and maybe a handful other people who'd proven not to be a risk to the fragile minds of the unborn Wicena.
With his mind already thinking of the information this visit would give him, Zishi failed to notice the tell-tale twinkle in the eyes of Flint.

"They're gorgeous." Zishi said as he walked closer to the two eggs in front of him.
He and Flint were inside the egg vault. The clutch had only been laid a couple of days ago. It's parents were Earth Aleni and Forest Zasri, two of the vale's grand masters. These two eggs were truly thorough-bred.
"Is this one supposed to crack?"
"It's hatching?" Flint asked, "How odd."
"What'll happen if it hatches?" Zishi asked, still too excited to think of the consequences.
"I'd say it'd bond." Flint smiled.
"To whom..."
"Zishi..." the hatchling whispered, drawing the name out in a long sigh.
"Quickly now." Flint said unperturbed, "Help it hatch."
"Me?" Zishi squeaked.
"Who else?" Flint grinned, "You are very welcome to stay here, just like your predecessor. The vale seems to pride itself in finding the best individuals on Gineya and bringing them here."
Zishi looked bewildered at the hatchling. the creature barely fitted in his arms and felt moist and slippery all over. It was a male from what he could tell. It seemed more feeble than described.
"My name is Amders." the hatchling crooned, "You came early..."
"Ah, I might have jumped the gun a bit." Flint shrugged, "But Whirl said it'd be ok. Now take good care of your Wicena. I'm sure you'll find plenty to write about."

Amders (m)




Skill Learned: Meditate (lv1)


Mate: Water Waomei
Skills Learned: Levitate (lv2), Farsight (lv1)

Grand Master

Skills Learned: Energy Release (lv3),
Telekinesis (lv2), Teleport (lv3)

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