Name: Evert
Gender: male
Age: 16
Key Words:
certain, calm, intellectual

Evert looked out of his window high in the living quarters of the Crescent Vale Heights. The sun had just risen and the clear dawn light promised a nice spring day. Evert smiled and wondered if maybe, just maybe he'd be bold enough to move his studying outside. Truth be told he did not like to leave the Vale, even if it was to go just outside. He'd never been off the mountains anyway. Why would he go outside when all he needed was here?
But the sun did look good. There also wasn't much of a breeze so it wouldn't get chilly until nightfall. Evert sighed and then told himself to be brave. Today he'd go outside and he'd study in the sun. And if people told him to do otherwise he'd tell them no. He was 16 already. He should be able to do as he want if it wasn't breaking the law. Right.
Leaving, Evert did place a note on his desk just to make sure nobody missed him. Imagine them looking for him. Evert did not want to be found by a search party of sentient Wicena. That'd be embarrassing.
Walking outside, Evert found, wasn't that frightening at all. All morning he didn't meet a single soul. At noon he ate his lunch in peace, enjoying the quiet sounds of spring. There weren't much birds or animals this high up, but every now and then he saw something that got his attention. Like the brown bunny that he'd chased into his lair, or the eagle that had flown over his head.
Though, with all the distractions he wasn't getting too much work done. It wouldn't hurt to take a day off to just think. Evert enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, forgetting about time and curfew. When he in the end returned to the Vale entrance it was closed. Would he have to stay out? Was there no-one who knew he'd be coming back?
Unlikely, he knew himself. Even if someone had found his note, he'd a habit of sleeping in the library or studying through the night. No-one would be alarmed. Somehow though he didn't feel too panicky. The boldness of that morning was still coursing through his body and his mind proposed to him a daring plan. For there was one other entrance he could take to get in the Vale...

Carefully letting himself drop down the man-sized opening, Evert prayed he would not crush any of the eggs that were currently in the egg vault. He really didn't mean harm. Sending out those same thoughts and ranting about how he'd gotten himself in this mess, he climbed lower and finally couldn't help but let himself drop.
Evert was relieved to feel a hard floor and no crushed eggs below him. With a bit of luck no-one would find out about his little adventure! Suddenly though, something warm and wet touched his leg. Stifling a scream Evert tried to get away, but where could he run?
Lights were turned on and Mya, bond to Water Fren who was the mother of the current clutch, walked in.
"My my." she called, "I knew it was bad when Fren woke me, but I'd never imagined this. Don't think I don't know you. I've seen you around. Evert isn't it? What are you doing here in the middle of the night!"
"Erm... Eh. I was locked out." Evert said quietly.
Mya threw up her arms and shook her head, "There are other ways to get in." she sighed, "I know you're a good kid, but really. Didn't you think of the dangers..."
"I landed on the floor." Evert tried.
"You were lucky."
Evert bowed his head and listened when Mya said, "What should we do with this one now? I feel bad to reward you but I can't let him die now can I? Fren would hurt me.
"What?" Evert asked.
"You didn't notice? Behind you."
Evert turned and came face to face with a Wicena hatchling. The little dragon purred and gently nudged Evert, "My name is Setsuri." it announced.

Setsuri (m)




Skill Learned: Hear Thoughts (lv1)

growing stronger to protect Adelina

Mate: Pure Pashmina
Skills Learned: Farsight (lv1), Shield (lv1)

Grand Master

Skills Learned: Energy Ball (lv2),
Suggestion (lv2), Telekinesis (lv2)

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